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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Craigslist

In 1995, Craig Newmark started an email program as a hobby. This program allowed him to easily communicate social events to other San Francisco Internet developers. Word of the program grew quickly, and users began posting emails for other purposes like job searching. Due to popular demand, Craig quickly expanded the features of the program, […] Read More

Like the effects of addictive drugs on the brain, a child that is repeatedly exposed to violent and sexual content will require a greater and greater shock to get the same effect. In addiction studies, we call that desensitization and tolerance effects. The irritability and agitation when the game is taken away or too boring […] Read More

Is it a big deal? Well it turns out that, with the exception of India, Singapore citizens spent more time online than people of any other country in the world (Williams, 2014). More than half of Singaporeans admit that they are online for as many as 12 hours a day (Williams, 2014). Screen addiction has […] Read More

Is Your Child a Screen Addict?

Futurist, demographer and TEDx speaker Mark McCrindle distinguished a new cohort of anyone born after 2010. He calls it Generation Alpha. The main characteristic of Generation Alpha is the constant use of screen technology. In his opinion, Alpha kids grow up with screens in hand, able to transfer a thought online in seconds (Sterbenz, 2014). […] Read More

When she called my professor that night, Abby was beside herself excited about this guy. Dr. Bennett, quietly wondering if it was too good to be true, suggested that she Google him. A person’s digital footprint can reveal a lot. So, Abby Googled. You will never believe what she found out… It turns out that […] Read More

Is Your Tween Hooking Up?

Hooking up is a term used by college students that has a wide variety of meanings. Some people use it to mean kissing, whereas others say it means sex. It turns out that college students themselves don’t really know what it means exactly (Currier, 2013). A survey by McHugh and colleagues (2012) found that 48% […] Read More

Since 74% of Americans visit social media sites daily, it's not hard to see why 97% of organizations that promote public support have resorted to using online social media platforms (Bail, 2016). And people visit! According to studies on social medias, “mental health focus attracted the highest number of fans” (Kite, 2016). Social media can […] Read More

We are no strangers to the risks of driving and smartphone use. How many of us can confidently say that we don’t use our phones at all while we drive? Shockingly, studies show that only 2% of smartphones users “never text and drive under any circumstances” (Alchley, 2010). The need to multitask combined with the […] Read More

  Hashtags are “#” symbols in front of words or short phrases that drop them into a posting page with the same tag. Sorting content this way allows others to see your picture and any other pictures that use the same hashtag if your social media profile is not set on private. Click on a […] Read More

Is Your Child a “Professional Gamer”?

The common narrative for video games is that they are violent and mindless. In fact, many studies have found links to aggression and gamers. However these studies primarily tested a small subset of games with violent shooters. In contrast, studies from role playing games have shown benefits for the player. Specifically, gamers have been shown […] Read More

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