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Our Screen Safety Essentials Course includes

A peaceful, fun home with healthy screen time. Connecting! Not disconnecting.

Does screen time seem to be taking over your kids' life?

Have you struggled to get family buy-in with screen limits and safety?

Is parenting and screen safety overwhelming sometimes?

We’re all terrified that our kids will be the victims of online predators, porn, or screen addiction. The risks are too scary to ignore. But too often, other parenting experts seem out of touch. They either go too harsh and suggest a screen-free lifestyle; or they seem too indulgent, suggesting that talking is enough. 

Dr. Bennett recognizes a screen-free life and 100% virtual monitoring isn’t realistic; and kids can’t always make sound decisions when it comes to screen use. Threatening doesn’t get us anywhere either. It damages relationships; and angry kids won’t accept parent influence. Plus, we often rely on their smartphones for tracking and communication. Yanking screen privileges is more punishing for us! We have found that kids accept screen safety ideas better from our psychologist expert Dr. B than they do from their parents. She does much of the work for you! 

With our proven Essentials Course, you won’t even realize the nightmares you’ll be avoiding. Your kids will know how to best respond to distressing online situations. Plus, they’ll gain independent resilience and you’ll build a positive parent-child alliance along the way. Dr. B believes that by teaching kids good coping skills on the front-end, you can avoid costly psychotherapy sessions on the back-end.

Your Screen Safety Essentials Course includes all GKIS parenting courses, agreements, and supplements (plus more) in a single course! 

As a free bonus, you get access to our most popular course, The Social Media Readiness Course for tweens and teens!


Denise Duval Tsioles, PhD, LCSW

Founder & Clinical Director, Child Therapy Chicago
Parent of a Preteen Daughter 

“As both a child psychotherapist and a parent, I highly recommend Dr Tracy Bennett’s GetKidsInternetSafe (GKIS) programs. I’ve followed her work for several years now and, as a child mental health professional, routinely refer families who need guidance around internet safety to her program. Healthy and safe online engagement and social relationships play a significant role in child development and kids’ sense of self. Dr Bennett’s GKIS Screen Safety Essentials Course and Social Media Readiness Training are perfectly curated to offer parents and families key pieces of information that hit on the most important elements of internet safety in clear and concise ways. As a parent working through these programs, I love Dr Bennett’s empathic approach to communicating with parents and kids. I think my preteen daughter feels understood and respected AND truly gets what Dr. Bennett is saying to help her learn to stay safe and enjoy the benefits of the internet. GKIS is a win-win for me both professionally and personally. 

Thank you, Dr Bennett!”

What you get!



GKIS-homepage cover

Science-based and outcome-tested with real families, Dr. Bennett has distilled decades of psychological research and practical know-how in this go-to parenting guide for the smart, screen-savvy family.

Reduce the risk of digital injury AND get closer to your kids!

How it works!

They say you have 8 seconds to get somebody’s attention. That’s especially true for kids! 

This course is built with that in mind. Your 5-minute coaching videos with quick-use tools are delivered in 4 modules so you can take it at your own pace.

MODULE 1: Get the conversation started with sensible rules and guidelines with our Connected Family Screen Agreement

MODULE 2: Master tech setup for monitoring & management with our SCREEN SAFETY TOOLKIT

MODULE 3: Use our expert home setup strategies to optimize digital fluency with safety in mind with our CONNECTED FAMILY COURSE

MODULE 4: Fuel happiness and overall good mental health with the PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLNESS STRATEGIES Dr. B’s been using in her practice for over 25 years

Your parents-only videos give the information you need to answer your children’s questions and earn the credibility to be their go-to expert. 

The family videos include an important weekly teaching topic and fun family activity. 

Included with your 26 lessons are workbook and colorful infographic downloads, other fun videos, access to Dr. B’s best webinars, and her book Screen Time in the Mean Time 

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2-Week Money-Back Guarantee    Secure Checkout

If you are interested in a private video conferencing coaching session with Dr. Bennett once you subscribe, just send your request to DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com.


Why should I get this course?

FAMILY CONNECTION: Dr. B has found the safest families are those that maintain a screen-friendly, ongoing dialogue. With our comprehensive family course, your kids will learn to come to you for help, recognizing that they are not alone facing risk online.

PARENT EDUCATION: Tech immigrants usually don’t know as much as their tech natives. We catch you up on issues so you can earn your child’s admiration and you can lead with credibility. 

DIGITAL INJURY PREVENTION: Dr. B believes that learning and appropriately applying prevention strategies will decrease the chance your family will end up in a psychologist’s office for treatment due to digital injury. One can’t unsee what has already been seen. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLNESS: Don’t wait until after your child has run into real, damaging trouble. Prevent digital injury, teach psychological wellness, and let go of the parenting guilt. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

Why is this course so inexpensive?

Dr. B loves the families she works with and has been a child advocate her whole career. Rather than charge a lot for a few families, she went against expert advice and chose to charge a little for many. She’s spent her career treating digital injury and made a personal commitment toward prevention. A ridiculously low price made sense to her to achieve that.

This course works for kids of what ages?

We offer parenting information and activities for parents of kids from preschool-age to high school-age. That way, the program can be used in families with kids of multiple ages. And, you can continue to use the course for years to come! Dr. B designs here courses with versatility in-mind.

How do I log in after I’ve bought the course?

Click “Log in” in the right-hand corner of the GKIS Home Page

Enter your Username/Email Address and Password and click “Log In”

Go back to right-hand corner of GKIS Home Page to the arrow next to “My Account.” Select “Courses.”

Go to middle of the page and select “Screen Safety Essentials Course.” Voila! You should be on your Welcome Page. 

What topics does this course cover? Should I buy GKIS Courses too?

The Screen Safety Essentials Course takes you through content from ALL GKIS Parenting Courses, Agreements, and Supplements (plus more), and you get free access to our Social Media Readiness Course for tweens and teens! There is no need to buy any other GKIS parenting courses!

Dr. B walks you through the Connected Family Agreement during the first several weeks, a digital contract that sets rules and highlights important screen issues. She also offers sensible parenting strategies for setting up a cooperative parent-child alliance. From there, she runs you through setting up parental controls, home setup, and offers must-know information to keep your screen safety fluent. The family course offers parent expertise and credibility so you’ll be their go-to source when they make a mistake online or see something uncomfortable.

How much time do I have to commit to follow the program?

As much as you want! But the GKIS Screen Safety Essentials Course is designed to save you time, so you can spend as little time as 20 minutes a week. You can skip weeks at your convenience or even do more than one lesson at at time. We offer an optional family exercise, downloads, and even reading links to go deeper if you’d like. It’s totally up to you!  

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! If after two weeks you feel like our course is not for you, you can return your purchase no questions asked.

Won’t kids figure it out on their own?

Some will, some won’t. Just read the comments from any moms Facebook group and you’ll see that not everybody forms good judgment online. They say there are no original ideas anymore, but we have customers telling us all the time they’ve never heard of some of Dr. B’s strategies. She’s been building them and incorporating best strategies from her work and research over 28 years of parenting, teaching, and clinical practice. That’s direct feedback from thousands of families! She knows what works and what doesn’t; her livelihood depends on it. 

What if we are already out of control with screen use? Are we too far gone?

It’s never too late, even with teens. GKIS strategies can be implemented immediately for positive change. And you’ll learn a ton so you won’t feel shut out anymore.

Which video do I watch first, the parent video or the family video? What is the difference?

We recommend you watch the parent video first on your own. The parent video offers parenting ideas and strategies that support the family exercise. The family video offers an exercise for the whole family. We recommend you screen-cast it onto your tv for your family to view together. Of course, watching it on a computer or tablet also works. Each video is typically around 5 minutes long.

To make the family course super convenient, we give you access to all weekly videos. That way if you skip a week, you can always go back later and view the videos.

Will we get access to Dr. Bennett?

If you’d like individual coaching for support here and there, you can always sign up for coaching sessions with Dr. B separately. Coaching sessions are offered at a discount. Also, keep an eye on her GetKidsInternetSafe.com SAVE-THE-DATE page and attend a presentation! Or, make an appointment for an office consultation.we

My coaching video has no sound.

Usually, that happens if your phone is on silent, your volume is down, or you need to tap the gray speaker icon in the right-hand corner of the video.