Want more connection and less family conflict?

Parenting is the most important thing you’ll ever do…and, at times, it’s also the hardest!  

Learn how to lighten up and still get compliance.

Shame-free expert support for more levity with all types of family negotiations with kids of all ages. 

More fun, less conflict!

Let Dr. Bennett coach you through it.
Screen sanity at last!

If you've had challenges with

  • whining and begging for screen time
  • sneaking and lying
  • meltdowns and tantrums or cold wars over screen rules
  • overusing and oversharing on social media
  • kids accessing inappropriate online content like violence or pornography
  • sexting

Or you've found yourself

  • lonely in the presence of your family, because everybody’s on their phones
  • confused about how much is OK and how much is detrimental
  • caving and allowing social media apps, device adoption, or mature-rated games too soon
  • feeling ineffective with screen rules and giving up
  • losing time and productivity by escaping on social media or binge watching Netflix

Maybe you’ve lost your confidence because of spouse or child push-back. Or maybe there are unique factors in your family that makes progress challenging. Or maybe you simply
don’t want to go it alone.

Expert coaching with Dr. Bennett will help you regain control. 

Finally fun, expert support to regain your confidence and
meet the parenting goals you’ve been putting off
due to family push-back.

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Who is Dr. B?

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in 
Clinical Psychology and is a
world-recognized Screen Safety Expert. She’s treated thousands of families just like yours for over 26 years. 

She also has three kids of her own!

With 12 years of teaching the latest psychological research about
parenting and addiction at CSUCI,
her techniques are sensible, 
parent-tested, and science-based. 

Because Dr. Bennett is a mom AND works with families every day, she has tested her “you don’t have to get mean” strategies that lead to change with 
optimal family buy-in and minimal drama

Plus, hanging out with her is just plain fun! 

What you get!

Group coaching offers:

  • 4 live 60-minute group sessions (each session is recorded & emailed to group members)
  • A road map to achieve pre-determined screen-safety and parenting goals plus group Q&A.
  • Opportunity to benefit from questions and comments from motivated parents just like you.
  • The *spark* of creativity when many minds work together. Share resources, exchange ideas, and offer support.
  • Recognition that you are not the only parent who struggles on the day-to-day with fiesty kids and busy schedules.​

Individual coaching offers:

  • 4 live 60-minute private, 1:1 sessions (each session is recorded & emailed directly to you)
  • A road map to achieve pre-determined screen-safety and parenting goals plus group Q&A.
  • Opportunity to ask Dr. Bennett questions about your kids and family specifically.
  • A more personal alliance with Dr. B that can lead to deeper, quicker progress with personal insight and empowerment.
  • Professional-grade supervision and support for parents, group leaders, and therapists who offer parenting support services.

If you are energized by the fresh collaboration of a group or are looking for outside-the-box ideas for challenging situations, group coaching may be more your gig.​

Alternatively, if you tend to value more privacy, have lots of questions, and want Dr. B all to yourself, then individual is the way to go.​

What parents are saying about
working with Dr. Bennett!

Nicole L.
Mom of 4 (ages 5, 8, 11, and 15)

Dr. Bennett is amazing! She creates a safe environment where I feel comfortable sharing my struggles. She's very personable and easy to connect with. I love her supportive and encouraging attitude. She has the expertise and experience from her clinical practice and common sense experience from being a mom. She provided me with specific strategies that I have implemented for screen safety in my home. Thank you Dr. Bennett for helping me be a better parent.

Mom of 3 (ages 6, 9, and 11)

Keeping my kids safe around tech has been at the front of my mind for awhile now. As a single mom, it's frustrating not being able to strongly influence their device use when they're at their dad's house. With Dr. B's help, I've been able to teak things in my home and became more equipped to share valuable information with their dad. I especially enjoyed our discussion with other parents trouble shooting our individual struggles. I love the emphasis Dr. B places on having fun. We spend more quality time together, and we are happier!



For both the group and individual packages


  • DIRECT ACCESS to Dr. Bennett for social support and extra tips and tricks as you go.
  • BRAINSTORM novel solutions with other parents and share useful resources.
  • FEEL INSPIRED by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • GET ENERGIZED with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some great friendships!
  • YOU CHOOSE whether you need to be connected to a few friends for individual support or prefer to share openly on the forum, you’ll always have other VIP GKIS parents and Dr. B to rely on!


For both the group and individual packages

A hand-selected
GKIS Blog Article Bundle
based on questions asked
& topics covered


For the individual coaching package only

A free chapter from
A Parenting Guide to Get Kids & Teens Internet Safe

2019 E-Book Edition

Let's do this!

Be the parent you always dreamed you could be!

Single Individual Session

One time only $150


Group Coaching Sessions 

4 sessions

Price per session is typically $150

With your
20% discount, your package price is only $480!

You save $120 if you sign up today!

Individual Coaching Sessions 

4 sessions

 Price per session is typically $200

With your
20% discount,  
your package price is only $640!

You save $160 if you sign up today!

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Give yourself the support you deserve!


How does coaching happen online?

Once you buy, you’ll immediately receive your coaching agreement. Sign it and you’ll then register for your sessions on Zoom. If you have any questions, email DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Our coaching contract will go into this question in detail. But as a quick introduction, GKIS coaching will focus on the development and implementation of strategies to meet the goals for better parenting and safer family screen use. Unlike psychotherapy, that focuses on the treatment of mental disorders, coaching is more directive, skill-based, and solution-focused. 

Can’t I just figure it out on my own?

Yes! You absolutely can! The GKIS Connected Family Course (go to GetKidsInternetSafe.com/Connected-Family) was designed to help you work quickly and effectively. But sometimes, we need a little TLC to make it happen. Coaching can help you make more effective progress and have more fun doing it. The package you choose is entirely up to you.

Why is there a 4-session instead of one session at a time?

Dr. B knows from over 25 years of clinical experience that coaching is relationship-driven. To target your most vulnerable gaps, set goals that work, and build momentum that will guarantee success, clients need consistent support. One session will give you great ideas, but consistent sessions will give you great outcome! 

If you’d like to make sure Dr. B is a good fit for you, she has offered a one-time-only introductory session for only $150 to help you get started.

Can I sign up even if I haven’t taken the GKIS Connected Family Online Course?

sAbsolutely. The shame-free, personal connection that Dr. B offers is super helpful. It is particularly effecting with getting parents motivated and helping them feel more confident overall.

Some clients have told us they have an easier time honing in on their coaching questions once their Connected-Family Course Digital steps are implemented and some screen safety parenting strategies are in place. Coaching is most helpful with how to be more fun and cooperative as a family. The GKIS Connected Family course and Dr. B’s book, Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe, offer step-by-step strategies. Dr. B offers creative, customized suggestions and support.

What if I can’t make the group coaching time?

That is not a problem. Although live participation tends to be most energizing, you are welcome to submit your questions in writing ahead of time. You will also receive a link to a recording of the coaching call if you can’t make it so you can catch up at your convenience. 

Will I get access to Dr. Bennett outside of scheduled coaching hours?

Just like with her therapy clients, Dr. B cannot offer session time outside of scheduled appointments. GKIS has taken off, and she was already a busy psychologist and university professor, saving time outside of work to rejuvenate with her family and stay playful and creative. A special access portal to her is the private GKIS Connected Family FaceBook page. Share your questions on there, and Dr. B will definitely see it!

If I love it can I sign up again?

If you still want to continue your coaching relationship with Dr. Bennett after your 4-session package, you will be invited to continue on by mutual agreement. 🙂

I’ve been feeling terrible about letting this go for so long. Is coaching going to make me feel worse?

According to the parents who Dr. Bennett has worked with – absolutely no! 

Dr. B’s warm, relatable style makes her really fun to work with. This is why she’s had a thriving private practice with zero marketing for over 26 years. In fact, we just talked her into a personal website six months ago!

Not only is she the mother of teens, but she works with parents everyday. She’s heard it all (almost), and tends to take challenging situations in stride. But be prepared for her straight-forward and dynamic style. She makes certain you get your money’s worth by telling you like it is. Her joy of coaching comes from watching her clients succeed. Child advocacy is at the heart of everything she does professionally. Happy parents, happy kids! Join our GKIS tribe and discover the BEST aspects of parenting. Get started right now.

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