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If you have screen-loving kids or teens, sound parenting strategies are not enough for online safety. You also need smart tech tools for filtering, monitoring, and management plus some tips to find the workarounds. 

Parents told us they felt overwhelmed by the number of options, so we made it easy for you. The GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit is a family-tested, outcome-based resource guide with our best recommendations, how-to information, and links to our favorite easy-to-onboard parental control systems. You’ll be set to create the custom screen safety toolkit for your unique child. 

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  • Parental controls & remote admin
  • Screen time management
  • Filtering & blocking for safe browsing
  • Social media & text monitoring
  • Real-time location & device tracking
  • Speeding alerts
  • Pause
  • Rewards

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100 Best Digital Learning Tool & Funtime Recommendations for Kids & Teens

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Once I buy the GKIS Digital Toolkit, how do I access it?

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive an email with a link and your access instructions. After that, simply go to GetKidsInternetSafe.com > Courses > GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit and login with your email address and password. The GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit (and its frequent updates) will always be available to you!

I’ve been feeling terrible about letting this go for so long. Is the GKIS Toolkit going to make me feel worse?

No! Just bookmark the link and you can go back and forth to it as many times as you like. The goal isn’t for you to frantically onboard at once. Add one thing at a time…the GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit will be there for your whenever you find the time.

I love this! What’s next?

So glad you asked! That means you are WAY FURTHER than most parents in close family connection and screen safety. If you’ve implemented your free Connected Family Agreement with our $7 Cybersafety & Red Flag Supplement,  you are ready for our CONNECTED FAMILY COURSE or our SOCIAL MEDIA READINESS COURSE FOR TWEENS & TEENS.!

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