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Dr. Tracy Bennett

Mom, Psychologist, Author, Professor

I founded GetKidsInternetSafe because, as a mother and psychologist, I was a real-time witness to the morphing of childhood. No longer were kids learning their problem-solving and social skills in their real-life neighborhoods. They were mirroring the cultures from their online neighborhoods. 

Parents were being left behind, and I was treating too many digital injuries. I love treatment, but in this instance, prevention is better. 

Kids can’t unsee what’s already been seen.

Here are our GKIS Toolkit offers for your family. 

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For Parents of Kids of All Ages

The Works!

$199 & $299


By opting for either of these Connected Family Course packages, you get our:

  • Connected Family Course
  • Social Media Readiness Training
  • Screen Safety Toolkit
  • Connected Family Agreement
  • and both agreement supplements for How to Spot Marketing & Cybersecurity.

This bundle offers tools for parents of younger kids and tweens and teens plus a course for tweens & teens. This bundle supports you as your family grows…tools to adopt at your comfortable pace. The Plus package offers the Course Bundle and other bonuses and the Deluxe package offers all of that plus a deeply discounted individual coaching session with Dr. B!

Easy Quick-Start


A MUST-HAVE, we highly recommend this agreement to get started with screen safety right out the gate.This is like a digital contract but much, much more. It serves as a checklist for all of the things you need to be looking out for as a family. It also helps you negotiate sensible rules and start a fun, informed, mutually-educational tech dialogue. You want to be an ally from the beginning. Then your kids will come to your with challenges they run into in their virtual lives rather than shut you out. Dr. Bennett believes that a strong parent-child alliance is the #1 factor for family screen safety.


Supplements for the Connected Family Screen Agreement


Due to screen technology, this generation of children are more targetted by marketing to than any other children in history. Why? Because there’s BIG money in child and teen products, especailly gaming. In 2019, the global revenue for the gaming market reached 152.1 billion dollars! Social media influencers also market to kids, making big money from ads, affiliation fees with bigger brands, and their own product lines. Social media operates from the old adage, “If you can’t see the product, you are the product.” Teach your kids how to spot the sneaky strategies marketers and video game developers use.



Did you know that kids are the #1 targeted population for identity theft? That’s because the cybercriminal can benefit from fraudulent charges for years before the victim discovers it. Getting out of that mess can be costly, stressful, and take forever. Protect your family from cybercrime like hacking, scamming, malware, and phishing. This low-cost supplement to Your Connected Family Screen Agreement also offers the red flags for kids to alert them to online predators, hate groups, and cyberbullies plus the behavioral red flags for parents that signal when a child may be suffering digital injury. Recognizing red flags are an important first step to prevention.


Our Super-Charged Informational Course


Too busy and overwhelmed to do hours of confusing digital tool research? We’ve done it for you! If you have screen-loving kids or teens, sound parenting strategies are not enough for online safety. You also need smart tech tools for filtering, monitoring, and management. Parents told us they felt overwhelmed by the number of safety options, so we made it easy for you. Our Toolkit is a family-tested, outcome-based resource guide with our best recommendations, how-to information, and links to our favorite easy-to-onboard parental control systems. You’ll be set to create the custom screen safety toolkit for your unique child. Let go of the guilt, and let us do the research for you!


For Parents of Elementary-Age Kids


“Dr. Bennett’s course didn’t take too long, yet it was very informative with clear guidelines that I could implement in my home right away – a technology plan that’s reasonable, doable, and has already helped us have great discussions and spend more quality time together. I loved how the information is science-based and how she focuses on maintaining a good parent-child connection because that is really important to me.”

The Connected Family Course offers 10 easy steps for creative safe-screen home setup and fun parenting techniques for sensible screen management. Our expert techniques take the “battle” out of parenting in less than two hours! 

Three packages: $99, $199, and $299

For Tweens & Teens


Prepare your tweens and teens for the unexpected risks of social media & gaming PLUS emotional wellness tools to optimize psychological health. Digital injury refers to harm resulting from screen use. Parents have some awareness, but too many digital injuries go unnoticed until it’s too late. Screen safety is a moving target. It’s difficult to follow through without teen buy-in. Our course offers best practices from years of deep research plus creative, real-world clinical secrets from Dr. B’s practice with the most challenging teens. Family-tested and outcome based, our Social Media Readiness Course helps teens close risk gaps and practice health psychological wellness techniques. It’s like driver’s training but for the internet!


For Adults & Tweens & Teens

Coaching with Dr. Bennett


For many of us, self-guided learning is too much. We are the parents who are so busy that follow-through is practically impossible without a hands-on, inspiring coach to lead us through. Dr. B has over 25 years of experience working with families for psychological wellness and screen safety. Parenting is the most important thing you’ll ever do…and, at times, it’s also the hardest! Learn how to lighten up and still get compliance. Shame-free expert support for more levity with all types of family negotiations with kids of all ages. More fun, less conflict! Dr. B is a like a best girlfriend who has expert knowledge and clever workarounds. Shame-free and fun, Dr. Bennett can coach you through it. Screen sanity at last!

$150 for one session
$640 for 4-session package

Workshops with Dr. Bennett


Does screen time get in the way of productive time like homework and real-life play in your home? Are you always the bad guy? Are you plagued by self-doubt about your parenting decisions? Worry no more! Invite like-minded moms (and/or couples) for an effortless playdate at a beautiful hillside Camarillo home (or host at your house or opt for video conferencing).Teen/tween workshops also available. Laugh, unload, and learn as Dr. B guides you through her psychology-littered workshop for smarter, more fun parenting. Learn what cognitive science really says about screen time. Better academic success, healthier brains, & more-fun parenting! The perfect gift for you & your besties ♥

$150 per guest
(groups of 5 to 10)

Dr. Bennett's Books

Ready to let go of the parenting guilt AND bring sanity to your house?

Screens are everywhere, all of the time. They make life easier for us in so many ways. But there is also risk due to effective manipulative design that hacks our brain’s reward system. Screens are so compelling that kids are falling victim to digital injuries, distraction, and “mean times” due to profit-seekers, cyberbullies, and Internet predators. 

It’s challenging to parent our kids offline AND online. For the first time in history, parenting is a full-time occupation. We are expected to faithfully care for, supervise, and entertain our kids most of our waking hours, without complaint and with fewer supportive resources than ever before. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Find out what the research really says about screen use. Dr. Bennett’s family-tested parenting strategies will help you have more fun as a family and build child resilience and good judgment. 

Science-based and outcome-tested with real families, Dr. Bennett has distilled decades of psychological research and practical know-how in this go-to parenting guide for the smart, screen-savvy family. Screens, yes, but even better, closer family relationships. This book will help you get to where you long to be.

Second Edition, ©2019
Paperbook, Kindle, or Audiobook

For parents of toddlers to teens

Ready to get started discovering more fun with your kids AND getting more screen safe? 

These days, parenting standards seem impossible to live up to. Parents feel guilty, worrying that we aren’t doing enough or that we’re doing too much. Where’s the perfect balance? It seems we are expected to provide our kids with almost constant entertainment, enrichment, and protection while giving them opportunity to build independent resilience. They are too often afraid to fail, and we are too often afraid to fail them. Add in screens expertly designed to capture our attention, and family life becomes even more challenging. 

Dr. Bennett is a mom and licensed clinical psychologist who is a Screen Safety Expert. Through 28+ years of practice, research, and teaching, she has found that a fun, cooperative parent-child relationship and sensible proactive home setup is key for child safety and healthy development. 

Designed to establish the “basics” for screen safety like parental authority and screen competence, the GKIS Home Starter Workbook will help you set up your cooperative family tech dialogue, establish important rules and parameters, onboard your digital toolbox for filtering and monitoring, and set up home working stations to optimize supervision, creativity, and balance.

First Edition, ©2018

For parents of toddlers to teens

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