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Created by Dr. Tracy Bennett,
Internationally Recognized Screen Safety Expert, Mom, Psychologist

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Digital injury is preventable!

Did you know?

86% of parents feel their teen spends too much time gaming

The average age of smartphone ownership is 10 years old

1 in 4 parents say their teen knows someone with depression & 1 in 10 know a peer who’s committed suicide

Most kids spend an average of 10.5 hours a day on their screens & 4 out of 5 tweens are on social media before age 12 

Due to online education, it’s almost impossible to enforce screen limits. Social media is now a critical element of healthy teen socialization

The manipulative design 
of screens captures teen attention. Bad actors online know
how to exploit that.

Our kids visit and post in many virtual neighborhoods – more than we’d like to imagine.

Digital injury refers to harm resulting from screen use. Parents have some awareness, but too many risks go unnoticed until it’s too late. Screen safety is a moving target. It’s difficult to follow through without teen buy-in. Our course offers best practices from years of deep research plus creative, real-world clinical secrets from Dr. B’s practice with the most challenging teens.

Family-tested and outcome based, our Social Media Readiness Course
helps teens close risk gaps and practice healthy
 psychological wellness techniques

Why this course?

“Parents have been telling me that they NEED a course for their kids BEFORE they get their first smartphone and social media account. – a course that’s more challenging than the watered-down digital citizenship curriculum at school. 

With the stress of COVID-19 and everything else going on, kids are acting out online and offline. Recently some teens in our community were outed on a 5k+-member moms’ Facebook page for disrupting a peaceful protest. Members posted photos of the kids, their license plate numbers, and their parents’ names and businesses. When one of the mothers posted an apology for her son’s behavior, it was picked apart while members shamed her for being a bad parent. It’s gone viral and was a virtual mob scene. Sad a scary to watch. 

This is a true-life example of how our kids need our help.Their brains can’t anticipate complex fallout from split-second decisions. Their online choices reflect on us and can haunt them (and you) for a lifetime.”

Dr. B has treated thousands of families just like yours for over 28 years. She also has three kids of her own! With 15 years of teaching the latest psychological research about parenting and addiction at CSUCI, her techniques are sensible, parent-tested, and science-based. Plus, her interns  help her stay up-to-date with tech and trends.

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is a World-Recognized Screen Safety Expert.

Is Social Media Readiness Training right for your teen?

Do you worry your tween or teen is missing out socially & it's time for social media adoption?

Are you aware that kids weaponize social media & dread the potential harm from cyberbullying?

Do you worry you'll be shut out of the process & still want influence?

Look, we’re all terrified that our kids will be the victims of online predators, porn, or screen addiction. The risks are too scary to ignore. But too often, other parenting experts seem out of touch. They either go too harsh and suggest a screen-free lifestyle; or they seem too indulgent, suggesting that talking is enough. 

Dr. Bennett recognizes a screen-free life and 100% virtual monitoring isn’t realistic; and kids can’t always make sound decisions when it comes to screen use, even when they “know better.” Threatening doesn’t get us anywhere either. It damages relationships; and angry kids won’t accept parent influence. Plus, we often rely on their smartphones for tracking and communication. Yanking screen privileges is more punishing for us!

Like with other important but potentially high-risk life skills, Dr. B knows best screen practices must be taught, supervised, and managed – gradually with sensible flexibility. The GKIS Social Media Readiness Training Course offers your tween or teen the opportunity to start taking accountability for themselves, proactive instead of reactive

With our proven GKIS Course, you won’t even realize the nightmares you’ll be avoiding. Your kids will know how to best respond to distressing online situations. Plus, they’ll gain independent resilience and you’ll build a positive parent-child alliance along the way.  Dr. B believes that by teaching kids good coping skills on the front-end, you can avoid costly psychotherapy sessions on the back-end. 

Isn’t that what we really want ?

A peaceful, fun home with healthy screen time.
Connecting! Not disconnecting.

What You Get!

The GKIS Social Media Readiness Training Course teaches teens about the hidden risks of social media & gaming.

Plus, they learn Dr. B’s hand-selected psychological wellness tips to help them be good problem solvers and emotionally resilient online and off.

It’s kind of like driver’s training but for the internet!


More informed and better emotionally equipped in 10 lessons:

PARENTING PRIMER TO GETTING STARTED: Dr. B offers a quick overview of why social media training is necessary to prevent digital injury and set kids up for psychological wellness.

TEENS & TWEENS: WHY IS IT WORTH IT TO TAKE THIS COURSE? A quick intro to what digital injury is and why it’s important to be aware of risks online and what to do when you run across it.

PROTECTING YOUR MONEY AND INFORMATION: To be a savvy consumer, teens need to know the neuromarketing tricks baked into online activities and learn the basics of cybersecurity and safety.

PROTECTING YOUR REPUTATION AND WELL BEING: Teens learn how to manage risks like cyberbullying, online predators, and hate groups. They also get a primer on setting themselves up for success with a deliberately-crafted digital footprint for best online reputation.

PROTECTING YOUR EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Violence, pornography, and fake news are risks that teens are almost guaranteed to come across. In this lesson, they’ll read the hard truth about what the research says about exposure and how to best protect themselves. This lesson also challenges them about the damaging results of distraction.

PROTECTING YOUR PHYSICAL WELLNESS: Our bodies and brains are impacted from screen use. In this lesson your teen finds out how to avoid injury while optimizing benefit. Dr. B also covers the truth behind screen addiction – it’s not as common as you may think!

EMOTIONAL READINESS: Dr B reveals her clinical secrets for launching a growth mindset, identifying emotional triggers, and setting positive intention.

EMOTIONAL AWARENESS: Learn some hand-picked mindfulness exercises from Dr. B’s psychology practice, including a body scan, emotion scaling, release response, and the monkey brain and task awareness.

EMOTIONAL RESET: Dr B’s favorite lesson offers easy instructions from the third wave of psychological treatment including anchoring, belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, and meditation.

EMOTIONAL FITNESS: Learn all about cognitive-behavioral strategies like hypothesis testing, radical acceptance and changing stinking thinking into can-do thinking.

EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: To stay resilient, we all need good friendship skills, sound social media coaching, and know the four responses to conflict.

THE LOVE OF LEARNING: Doing well in school can have a big impact on teen happiness. Learn how to apply cognitive science for best study skills and enjoy our best recommendations to build your customized digital toolboxs for coping and for learning!

VIDEO GAMING SAFETY BONUS: This lesson covers the brain traps baked in to video games. Dr. B has found that if kids know about these traps, they’re less likely to be captured by them. Plus, she bundled all of our GKIS Parents Sensible Guides for you.

*Special Bonus*



  • DIRECT ACCESS to Dr. Bennett for social support and extra tips and tricks as you go.
  • BRAINSTORM novel solutions with other parents and share useful resources.
  • FEEL INSPIRED by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • GET ENERGIZED with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some great friendships!
  • YOU CHOOSE whether you need to be connected to a few friends for individual support or prefer to share openly on the forum, you’ll always have other VIP GKIS parents and Dr. B to rely on!

30-day Money Back Guarantee   100% Secure Checkout


How do I know if this is for us?If your teen is prepping to go or already on social media or if they are gaming, then it’s time to have a frank and explicit talk about all of the risks they’re facing online. Most parents don’t know all of them, because risks are surfacing everyday. With the help of my interns, I’ve been tracking them since I started practice 25+ years ago. Your teen will also learn the best psychological wellness tools that I teach in my practice at $180 an hour. Total bargain. Browse through the course yourself to make sure you are OK the course content. If after 30 days you think this course isn’t for them, you can have a full refund. We are THAT confident you will be grateful your teen has had this opportunity.

How do I log in?

Once you’ve bought the course, click on “Log in” in the right-hand corner of the GetKidsInternetSafe.com home page and enter your username and password. Voila! You have anytime access. If you have any trouble whatsoever, email me at DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com.

Why is this course so inexpensive?

Dr. B loves the families she works with and has been a child advocate her whole career. Rather than charge a lot for a few families, she went against expert advice and chose to charge a little for many. She’s spent her career treating digital injury. At 52 years old she made a personal commitment toward prevention. A ridiculously low price made sense to her to achieve that.

Won’t kids figure it out on their own?

Some will, some won’t. Just read the comments from any moms Facebook group and you’ll see that not everybody forms good judgment online. They say there are no original ideas anymore, but we have customers telling us all the time they’ve never heard of some of Dr. B’s strategies. She’s been building them and incorporating best strategies from her work and research over 28 years of parenting, teaching, and clinical practice. That’s direct feedback from thousands of families! She knows what works and what doesn’t; her livelihood depends on it. 10 quick lessons for better screen safety & psychological wellness..

What if we are already out of control with social media? Are we too far gone?

It’s never too late, even with teens. GKIS Social Media Readiness strategies can be implemented immediately for positive change. And you’ll learn a ton so you won’t feel shut out anymore.

What child ages does this course apply to?

The GKIS Social Media Readiness Training Course is developed for tweens and teens. I encourage you to use your judgement if your younger child is sophisticated enough to consider online risk. We believe that if you think your child is old enough for social media, then they’re likely old enough for this course. It covers topics that you won’t find free or in school programs. Dr B works with teens, so she has a lot of training and experience knowing what is appropriate for them to know. Feel free to email Dr. Bennett with questions.

Will we get access to Dr. Bennett?

Although this course doesn’t offer coaching packages, you can always sign up for coaching sessions with Dr. B separately. The first session is deeply discounted. Also, with the private GKIS Connected Family FaceBook group bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to her Facebook live videos and can post for feedback from her and other parents. Dr. B pops in often to offer funny stories and creative suggestions that she uses with her teens and with challenging kids in clinical practice. 

Also, keep an eye on her GetKidsInternetSafe.com SAVE-THE-DATE page and attend a presentation! Or, make an appointment for an office consultation.we

How long will it take?

This course is not super easy. To pass, your teen will have to read at least 10 short articles per lesson – most selected specifically from our blog. Then they have a quiz to take to move forward. Halfway through the course, the lessons get shorter with shorter quizzes. We designed this course to be self-paced. The user can take a lesson at a time or they can jet through it quickly one after the other. We also designed the course with mastery in mind. To move from one lesson to the other, your teen will have to pass each lesson quiz with a 70% or above. Like driver’s training, you’ll know that graduating from this course means your teen is certified in GKIS social media mastery.

Dr. B believes that learning and appropriately applying prevention strategies will decrease the chance your family will end up in a psychologist’s office for treatment due to digital injury. One can’t unsee what has already been seen. With this course, your teen will be more likely to come to you for help, recognizing that they are not alone facing risk online.

Don’t wait until after your child has run into real, damaging trouble. Prevent digital injury, teach psychological wellness, and let go of the parenting guilt. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. 

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