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Science-based and outcome-tested with real families, Dr. Bennett has distilled decades of psychological research and practical know-how in this go-to parenting guide for the smart, screen-savvy family.

Second Edition, ©2019
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Screens are everywhere, all of the time. They make life easier for us in so many ways. But there is also risk due to effective manipulative design that hacks our brain’s reward system. Screens are so compelling that kids are falling victim to digital injuries, distraction, and “mean times” due to profit-seekers, cyberbullies, and Internet predators. It’s challenging to parent our kids offline AND online. For the first time in history, parenting is a full-time occupation. We are expected to faithfully care for, supervise, and entertain our kids most of our waking hours, without complaint and with fewer supportive resources than ever before.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Find out what the research really says about screen use.Dr. Bennett’s family-tested parenting strategies will help you have more fun as a family and build child resilience and good judgment.

Screens, yes, but even better, closer family relationships.

Reduce the risk of digital injury AND get closer to your kids.