Ready to let go of the parenting guilt?

I've distilled over 26 years of psychological research and practical/clinical know-how on screen time and parenting in this go-to guide.

For parents of toddlers to teens

Reduce the risk of digital injury AND get closer to your kids.

Screens are everywhere, all of the time. They make life easier for us in so many ways. But for parents, managing screen use is a huge challenge. For the first time in history, parenting is a full-time occupation. We are expected to faithfully care for and entertain our kids most of our waking hours, without complaint and with fewer supportive resources than ever before. It’s not possible to keep kids engaged with us all of the time! So, we allow them screen time, too often.

Dr. Bennett is a clinical psychologist and founder of GetKidsInternetSafe. Having raised one young adult and with two teens at home, she recognizes that screens are a necessary part of everyday family life. In her work with families for over twenty-six years, she has created sensible screen safety parenting hacks that work. Written with a warm, relatable voice that is more practical than preachy, Screen Time in the Mean Time is the thinking-parent’s-guide to screen safety. There are no inflated scare tactics here. Instead, Dr. Bennett offers a refreshingly real-world perspective on child and brain development, the risks and benefits of screen use, and easily doable parenting strategies for effective screen management.

After reading Screen Time in the Mean Time, you will know what to look out for, how to start important conversations, and how to successfully negotiate rules that work. Most importantly, Dr. Bennett’s positive techniques will strengthen your parent-child relationship so you can have fun with your kids instead of fighting them or giving in too much. After Screen Time in the Mean Time, you will be confident that your kids are safer and your relationship is better than ever.