Need peaceful screen time negotiations?

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Need belly laughs with good friends
and expert safe-screen-use smart management advice?

Invite like-minded moms (and/or couples)
for an effortless playdate at a beautiful hillside Camarillo home
or host at your house (or schedule a group Zoom meeting)

Teen/tween workshops also available

$200 per guest

Dr. B typically charges $300 an hour. But for this retreat, she rolled in tons of free clinical tools and practical strategies just for the fun of it
a value worth more than 6 regular sessions! 

A $900 value for only $200!

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Parenting is the hardest job we’ll ever do. Carrying the emotional labour of child care, relationship maintenance, and keeping our family’s world turning can be overwhelming. As a mom & psychologist, Dr. Tracy Bennett recognizes that we all need a little support sometimes.

Does screen time get in the way of productive time like homework and real-life play?

Are you always the bad guy?

Are you plagued by self-doubt about your parenting decisions?

Worry no more!

Gain your confidence and get closer to your kids!

With Dr. B's workshop you will:

The perfect gift for you & your besties

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in 
Clinical Psychology and is a
world-recognized Screen Safety Parenting Expert. She’s treated thousands of families just like yours for over 26 years. 

She also has three kids of her own!

Because Dr. Bennett is a mom AND works with families every day, she has tested her “you don’t have to get mean” strategies that lead to change with 
optimal family buy-in and minimal drama

She gets it. She’s helped thousands of moms be more successful. No scare tactics, no shame, no guilt. Plus, hanging out with her is just plain fun! 

What you get!

Recruit your friends and schedule a workshop!

Groups of 5 to 10 work best.

What parents are saying

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  • ONGOING DIRECT ACCESS to Dr. Bennett for social support and extra tips.
  • BRAINSTORM novel solutions with other parents and share useful resources.
  • FEEL INSPIRED by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • GET ENERGIZED with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some more great friendships!
  • YOU CHOOSE whether you need to be connected to a few friends for individual support or prefer to share openly on the forum, you’ll always have other VIP GKIS parents and Dr. B to rely on!




Struggling to create quality family time, because everybody’s on their screens?

Or maybe you have younger kids, and they beg for screen time too often?

Do you threaten to take devices away so often that family life is not fun anymore?

Create more harmony and better screen safety

With 4 quick and easy negotiations delivered right to your email, you can lay down a sensible structure about screen-use rules and parameters, safer choices, and how to treat each other better off- and online. With our 2 agreement supplements, you can set up your home and mobile devices for best cybersecurity and teach your kids the red flags they need to know to recognize predatory online behavior from dangerous strangers and marketers. Best of all, become your child’s go-to fun parent instead of a sinister screen jailer. Age-specific versions available for school-age kids or tweens and teens that can grow with your family.



gkis home starter kit-3

The perfect supplement for your GKIS Home Starter Workbook, this 10-step online course will be available for you once you graduate from the workshop. 

A $197 value on it’s own, this is your

Let's do this!

Make family life fun again without having to go screen free!

$200 per guest

Dr. B typically charges $150-$350 an hour. But for this retreat, she rolled in tons of free clinical tools and practical strategies just for the fun of it
a value worth more than 6 regular sessions! 

A $900 value for only $200!

100% Secure Checkout 

Give yourself the support you deserve!


Moms, couples, or tweens and teens?

That is up to you. Dr. Bennett has worked with families (adults, teens, and kids) for over 25 years. You choose which would be best for you!

What time of day? Will lunch be served? Can we serve wine?

If you choose her private location, Dr. B will have yummy snacks available whether we schedule morning, afternoon, or evening. If the workshop is at your location, you are welcome to serve wine. 

Are you going to freak us out regarding screen risks?

Absolutely not. I guarantee you’ll feel pampered. I’m a mom too. The last thing I want to do is make you feel guilty or ashamed. My program is built to empower participants, not bum us out. I take my workshopper’s feedback very seriously and build up what they love the most. You’ll learn about risk, but more importantly, you’ll learn about how to be more effective and have more fun!

Is this group therapy?

Not really, no. Dr. B designed this to be a fun workshop. Yes, there will be sharing and tons of Q&A where you can benefit from her many years of clinical experience, but probably not tears. Her Saturday morning retreats are designed to be informative, empowering, and fun! 

We all need playtime with our friends to sustain happiness! Fun and creativity helps us stay energized and rejuvenated. Dr. B loves creating that space for participants, because she too thrives with the support of a close and loving sisterhood of close friends. Don’t worry, nothing embarrassing or silly – just learning, conversation, and worthwhile, fun activities. 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity! We promise you’ll be talking about it for years to come.