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Dr. Tracy Bennett delivered an amazing presentation on internet safety for kids, engaging our audience of parents, staff and administrators. She was seamless in her delivery and tackled the community’s concerns with honesty and openness. Dr. Bennett’s expertise and clarity left everyone in the room feeling empowered with practical strategies to safeguard their children from the World Wide Web.

Alexandra Mejia-Holdsworth 
Student Services Coordinator
MOEES and Ojai Adult School Principal


Dr. Bennett provided a wealth of expertise in an easily digestible and relatable way. She provided information that helps caregiving adults support their children over the lifecourse, beginning with screen health in young childhood and how the scope of exposure and screen use changes over time. I really appreciate her approachable style, deep knowledge, and palpable respect for young people.

Ali Danch, School Counselor


Dr. Bennett presented for our fifth graders, our sixth graders, our seventh graders, our eighth graders, and our parents. Her presentations were highly engaging for our students and parents alike. Her presentations covered a wide range of ages and met the needs of our students at each of the grade levels. Her versatility enabled her to address the four different age groups she had, as well as parents of elementary and middle school-aged students. She received great feedback across all different areas. I highly recommend using her for more than one presentation at your school.

Erika Chambers, School Counselor


Dr. Tracy Bennett’s presentation on social media for parents of teens was excellent. Her approach was balanced, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of social media and aiming for smart screen time as opposed to no screen time.

As a mental health provider, she put emphasis on the impact social media has on mental health – explaining how social media targets the developing teenage brain and addressing how social media can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, and suggested ways parents might mitigate these negative feelings.

Scheduling and working with Dr. Bennett was extremely easy. Planning sessions occurred virtually and her willingness to work with our schedule meant we could deliver the presentation at a time that met the needs of our parents. She was also willing to tailor her presentation to our mostly high school parent audience. Overall, I would highly recommend bringing Tracy Bennett to your parents and school community.

Dr. Jennifer Byars, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools, Amity Regional School District No. 5


Dr. Tracy Bennett shared a wonderful presentation on the “Screen Safe Family” to our community. Our families really enjoyed the engaging way she presented this important information which included up-to-date data as well as many easy strategies that families could implement immediately. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to empower families on how to safeguard their children when they are using the internet. Her knowledge of the family dynamic and her parenting advice were excellent.

Melanie Jacobs, Head of School, Montessori Center School


Thank you so much for such an incredible presentation. Your warmth, professionalism, and credibility threaded beautifully throughout the talk. Internet safety has the potential to put all parents on edge, especially those who have already seen the negative impact of screen use on their children. We, as parents, can become so overwhelmed with the task of monitoring these activities and all feel we have fallen short in some manner. You provided such a lovely direction to maximize safety through collaborative communication and gave parents helpful tools to navigate this world. It can be a fine line to straddle between understanding the many pitfalls of technology and avoiding adding to the parents’ guilt in not managing screen usage well. No parent does it perfectly and you provided grace, which is always needed.

Laurie Whitermore
Director, Jamestown Community College Liberty Partnerships Program


Dr. Bennett, you were fabulous! Thank you for sharing your research, antidotes, and gracious philosophy of connecting with our children by sharing their universe; virtual as well as digital. My phone has been lighting up with appreciation for bringing you to our PTO membership. I am already thinking of our next opportunity to see you again!

Frank Kephart, PTO President
Solona Santa Fe Elementary School


Our 6th graders thought they had learned everything about digital safety, but after listening to Dr. Bennett, they realized there was much more to know. As a teacher, I appreciated the slides about the misconceptions regarding multitasking. I was able to adjust my teacherly response to include facts about multitasking for students who believed they could draw and listen to lectures at the same time. Thank you for the knowledge, Dr. Bennett.

Malaika Boyer, SMASH 6th grade teacher

SMASH 4th and 5th grade students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Tracy Bennett. She helpfully talked to them about digital safety where students were asked to think about technology as a tool for learning and entertainment, taking care of their online identity, and making sure to keep plenty of offline “neighborhoods” with friends and family.

Jessica Rishe, SMASH Principal


Dr. Bennett provided our 7th grade class with an informative, age-appropriate, expansive look at the ways social media can impact their lives and helped them better understand some of the pitfalls to avoid on their digital journeys.  She held the attention of our 200+ students for an entire period and left them with applicable tools to engage social media responsibly.  We look forward to working with Dr. Bennett again in the future.

Jonathan Carroll, Ph.D.
7th Grade Dean
Student Leadership Teacher
Middle School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Coordinator


Our employees were crying out for help during pandemic work from home requirements, so we engaged Dr. Bennett for our Legal Department Lunch and Learn program at Juniper Networks.  She was interactive and highly engaging.  Our employees were extremely appreciative and rated Dr. Bennett’s presentation as outstanding!  I highly recommend Dr. Bennett and GetKidsInternetSafe as a resource to enhance the wellness offerings to Corporations who take employee wellness and quality of life seriously.

Brad Minnis, CPP
Vice President, Safety & Security
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Dr. Bennett was receptive to personalizing her presentations to fit our school community’s needs. We worked together to provide a three-webinar series to address our grade 6-12 students and parents. The depth of her knowledge and breadth of her experience was appreciated by our parents, who related to her parenting “boots on the ground” experience as well. Thank you, Dr. Bennett!

Lisa Acker, Head of Student Services


Mesa Verde Middle School and Chaparral Middle School PTSA’s are incredibly thankful for Dr. Bennett’s presentation to our parents on Internet Safety.  The amount of knowledge passed down has been both eye-opening and necessary in this rapidly growing world of technology. Parents from all generations can learn valuable tools and ways to safely monitor their child’s activity on the internet which gives the parents more peace of mind.  It was wonderful to hear about her own personal experiences with her children. It made the presentation more relatable. Thank you for your devotion and passion for keeping our children safe while using technology, you are truly a leader in our community!

Melissa La Belle, Principal


Dr. Bennett’s presentation on Teens and Technology was AMAZING. The parents in our program were impressed with the breadth of knowledge, the practical application, and how well the information fit into their real everyday lives. The parents were so grateful to be given tools to help their students succeed in the area of technology. Thank you Dr. Bennett for helping our parents navigate the ever-changing world of media and technology!

Amy Holden, Student Ministry Director


Dr. Tracy Bennett presented her “Digital Do’s and Don’ts” program at our high school PTSA Forum. Advance word of her topic and her credentials brought out a big crowd of parents and students.  She customized her talk to those present and highlighted the topics most pertinent to the secondary school age group.  Dr. Bennett’s research-based information combined with practical tips and personal anecdotes made her information very accessible to all.  Coupled with our school’s emphasis on digital citizenship, Dr. Bennett’s insights provided a true sense of urgency for digital awareness.  She was engaging and knowledgeable.

Janet Anderson, South Pasadena High School Principal


The Rotary Club of Westlake Village thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Bennett’s presentation.  We only gave her 30 minutes to present and she filled the time with so much useful and eye-opening information that we all left wanting to hear even more!  Many people in the club are parents and/or grandparents and the practical information she shared was gobbled up by everyone in the room.  As a parent myself of two girls (6 and 8) I am just starting to navigate the online world as seen through my children’s eyes.  Dr. Bennett validated some choices I had made and gave me new information to make sure I stay ahead of any problems.  She was one of the best presenters we had all year! Thanks again for a truly wonderful program.  We’d love to have you back next year with even more information if you’re interested!

Kimberly Tharpe, Rotary Club of Westlake


I was so thrilled with your talk that I couldn’t wait to send your contact info out to several other clubs.  A couple of our members said you were the best speaker we’ve had all year (and I pride myself on getting interesting speakers!).  You were fascinating, engaging, funny, genuine–the whole package!  And, you really gave us solid information–pros and cons–on a questionable issue.

Pat McCollum, Rotary Club of Camarillo


I encourage every school principal to reach out to Dr. Bennett and invite her to speak to your parent community. She brings a lifetime of knowledge and understanding of the adolescent mind. Dr. Bennett uses scientifically-based information and data to support her presentation. Running a middle school is a huge challenge and Dr. Bennett was able to help parents understand that technology is not a bad thing, but, we as parents must determine if providing our children with a cell phone or other technology is the right thing to do. Setting limits, monitoring usage, staying current on what apps kids are using, and being involved are all covered in the presentation. I will be bringing her back every year to help educate our parent community about the realities of today’s technology. Thank Dr. Bennett!!!

Doug Hedin, Principal Sycamore Canyon School


After Dr. Bennett spoke at our school, the feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive!  She educated us not only from a clinical point of view with the numerous patients she treats in her clinical practice, but she also educated us from a parent’s perspective as she has teens and young adults of her own.  Dr. Bennett brings the real issues that parents face with media and teens and helps us navigate the tangled web of the internet and parenting.  PTSA is so proud to bring a quality speaker like Dr. Bennett to our community.  Thank you, Dr. Bennett!

A. Chang – PTSA VP


“Dr. Bennett was so informative and relatable. She shared personal stories and gave real-life examples so that parents can have a clear idea of what some of the digital dangers are as well as strategies for families. Our kids need us as parents and educators to be able to protect them from digital harm the same as we do from physical and emotional harm. Dr. Bennett definitely provided the Lang Ranch Community with awareness and preparedness for this new parenting age.”

Britt Jasper, Wellness Committee


Logo for Extraordinary Moms Podcast

“When it comes to internet safety as a mom, I get so overwhelmed. I feel like there is so much to deal with and yet I don’t even know where to start. Dr. Tracy Bennett is AMAZING, because what she has done is taken this massive topic that every parent is facing in today’s world, and she has made it actionable. After listening to her tips and expertise, I feel like I can get my kids’ internet safe and I can rest a little easier because while these problems online are not going to go away, I am setting my family up for success by putting the right safeguards in place AND developing strong communication with my children. I will now refer everyone I know to Tracy’s resources!”
Jessica Dahlquist, Extraordinary Moms Podcast


Pleasant Valley Christian School Logo We feel very blessed that Dr. Bennett took the time to share with us once again. The information she shares with parents, educators, and anyone who cares about children and youth is critical in helping to protect our kids. Thank you Dr. Bennett for being passionate about “fighting this battle” and trying to equip others to do the same. You are making a difference!

Theresa Wall, Preschool Director


Hollywood Beach School Logo As an educator and a parent, I see the impact technology has on the next generation every day. I was so grateful when Dr. Bennett delivered a presentation for our school community. Dr. Bennett is an engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge. She was able to offer our parents a reality check alongside practical tips to help keep our children safe. Thank you Dr. Bennett!!

Stacy Hixon, School Counselor


Logo for Ascension Lutheran School

“Navigating the waters of Internet safety and social media can be a daunting task for parents of children of all ages. Dr. Bennett’s presentation provided fantastic insights to help our parents and teachers better understand both the benefits and risks associated with technology. Her practical tips and implementable tactics are designed to help parents build stronger alliances with their children as they proactively set guidelines, boundaries, and monitoring that will open dialogue and prevent problems before they happen. Dr. Bennett’s background as a parent and a psychologist translates to a very relatable presentation based on real-life situations and clinical experience. It’s an education that all parents can benefit from.”

Marcie Aschbrenner, Marketing Coordinator


Padre Serra Parish Logo

“Dr. Bennett’s resources and stories were extremely relevant and easy to understand and to implement. I particularly appreciated her examples of how to talk with children, especially inviting them to ‘do the work’ researching different apps, making a persuasive argument, and also the wonderful question, “what do you think?” to help them develop their critical thinking skills. A rich evening!”


Mount Cross Lutheran Church Logo

“Dr. Bennett was a complete joy to work with! She gave the parents at our church and people from the community important information on internet safety.  Internet safety is so important for our children, and Dr. Bennett does a wonderful job at helping parents gain knowledge in this arena. I would recommend anyone with children to attend one of her trainings!”

Meredith Gardner, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries


STEM Academy Logo

“Dr. Bennett’s presentation is a must for parents of elementary and middle school students.  The information she presents empowers parents to take the lead in their children’s cyber world.  Thank you for providing us with valuable information to keep our kids safe!”

Mrs. Victoria Ortega, Principal



“As Digital Dads of young kids, the issue of screen time is a hot topic around our house. Finding Tracy (she gave us permission to call her that) online we immediately knew we wanted to have her on our show to discuss it. Come to find out, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but also has a fantastic sense of humor. A great guest all the way around we can’t wait to have her on again.”

Brent Basham, Digital Dads Podcast


Ten to Twenty Talk Radio Logo At Ten to Twenty Parenting, one of the biggest concerns that parents have when it comes to raising teens and tweens is how connected they are. Parents worry their children are seeing things and posting things that are well beyond them age-wise. Tracy is able to speak to parents in a language they understand and can relate to. She offers wisdom and expertise that is exactly what parents need to navigate an area they may not know much about.”

Kristen Daukas – Editor in Chief


Wendy Walsh Relationship Expert “If there was ever an uber-Mom who’s also a psychological savant and an internet genius, It’s Dr. Tracy Bennett. She’s the real deal!”

Dr. Wendy Walsh, Author of The 30-Day Love Detox and Emmy award nominee.


Logo for The Girls Empowerment Workshop

“As the Director of The Girls Empowerment Workshop, where we educate teen girls, it is vital we find resources to educate ourselves. As a parent raising kids in a world filled with ever-changing cyber connections, it is vital we learn how to navigate and keep our kids aware and safe. Finding Tracy and hearing her speak was exactly what both of these areas need. She is a calm, funny, down-to-earth woman with an abundance and wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares in a way anyone can grasp and utilize in their own family and profession. I plan to have Tracy back to speak to our community again about GetKidsInternetSafe, and I am grateful to have met Tracy, who has educated me in areas I thought I was well versed. Every community, school, and organization needs to have Tracy come to speak.”

Tobi jo Greene, Girls Empowerment Program Facilitator


creating change

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Bennett on my show Creating Change. I really enjoyed the conversation and Tracy shared insightful and important tips about safety in this internet age. As a podcast producer and parent, I found Tracy and her message to be professional, profound and important. I would highly recommend her as a podcast guest.”

Dout Forresta, Creating Change


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“The presentation at Saint Mary Magdalen School by Dr. Bennett helped to open the eyes of everyone in the audience about the need for parents to educate themselves about current technology as well as engage their children in meaningful dialogue about the healthy use of technology.  As primary educators, this is a big task for parents and it is helpful to have someone like Dr. Bennett as a resource and guide.”

Mike Ronan, Principal of Saint Mary Magdalen School



Screen Time With

Dr. Tracy Bennett by Digital Dads

“Screen time. If you’re a parent you know exactly what I’m talking about. We all know instinctively that our kids are probably using their devices too much. And we aren’t necessarily always setting the best example ourselves. Sometimes we may even “plugin” our kids just to get a little peace and quiet. Or maybe a quick nap on the weekend. And truth be told the time spent with personal technology is not all bad. But like most things, too much can become a problem. This week we go off the rails with Dr. Tracy Bennett of Get Kids Internet Safe. She was super smart AND super funny. We know you love to be entertained while you learn and she brings it in spades. She helps us learn to set boundaries and keep our sanity at the same time helping us build those ever-important relationships with our children. And it’s those boundaries and relationships that will help us move to conversations about screen safety. Plus she finally admitted she likes Star Wars. So Andrew said I didn’t have to cancel the interview. Enjoy.”


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Hey Dad, Your Twelve Year-Old Daughter Has a Nude Out by Dr. Tracy Bennett (17.2k FB shares and climbing)

You’re reading with the hopes that this is one of those bait-and-switch sensational articles, right? ––– Oh how I wish that was true. Unfortunately, I have run across a phenomenon that few parents know about, and those that do are too ashamed to tell anybody. The ugly truth is that middle school girls, with their immature frontal lobes and tender insecurities, are trying to attract high school boys by texting them sexy images of their blossoming private parts. It’s like they’ve invented an unregulated child porn matchmaking profile that doesn’t even have privacy settings, terms of agreement, or the option to delete the profile. Just a CLICK and SEND and your daughter’s catastrophically nude profile image is available to everybody everywhere forever, no take-backs. Thirty seconds of bad judgment at twelve years old launches a nightmare digital footprint and sullied online reputation. Ouch!

Contact information: DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com