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Dr. Bennett is the screen safety expert who teaches families how to strengthen relationships AND achieve screen sanity. She is CEO and Founder of GetKidsInternetSafe and author of Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe. She is a clinical psychologist who has treated thousands of families with digital injuries in over twenty-five years of clinical practice. Her clinical and personal background is uniquely complimented by research and teaching as adjunct faculty at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). She teaches addiction studies, parenting, clinical psychology, and directed studies with an emphasis on screen issues. Dr. Bennett served on Facebook’s Youth Advisory Committee 2018-2021 and was the honored recipient of Global Ambassador in 2017 for Teensafe.

Childhood is all about discovery; so is parenting. My favorite thing about GKIS is it allows me to help families rediscover each other in our screen-distracting world. Screens are compelling because the discovery potential is amazing. But so is true connection with each other.

With GKIS tools, families discover that screen safety doesn’t have to lead to chronic conflict; it can be fun! Rather than feeling shutout, GKIS parents learn how to participate in their children’s offline and online worlds. They work together instead of threatening or yanking privileges.

GKIS courses optimize screen safety and balanced online and offline play. With effective tools and strategies in place, family fun becomes an everyday possibility. Happy families discover together through fun, spontaneous engagement. THAT is what makes GKIS magic.

The GKIS Mission

GKIS helps families achieve screen sanity, prevent digital injury, and form deeper, more meaningful relationships. We don’t have to give up screens to be safe. GKIS offers tools and strategies that keep the joys of childhood discovery alive for all of us in today’s overtasked world.


What is digital injury?

Digital injury refers to the physical and psychological harm caused by viewing or posting inappropriate, shocking, or traumatizing content, dangerous online interactions with others, and repetitive strain and distraction injuries. Because technology is rapidly changing and the psychological research hasn’t been able to keep up, Dr. Bennett founded GetKidsInternetSafe to offer a toolkit for families to prevent injury and avoid the need for costly inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy. 

Here are some of the risks our courses address to help keep you and your family screen safe:

Commonsense Disclaimer

Each child, parent, and family is different and good parenting comes in many forms. I welcome you to dive in with suggestions and ideas for topics you’d like me to write about and offer resources and innovative ideas that have helped you. Please be kind, compassionate, and respectful of differing opinions.

What I Cannot Do

This site is only for information and entertainment. As a licensed psychologist, I cannot provide psychotherapy or professional treatment/evaluation services online without a specific contract. Instead of responding to specific questions about your child or family on the site, I can offer general practical ideas to help you GetKidsInternetSafe. I hope that you will use the information on my site in the same way that you would use information in a parenting book or magazine; as a guideline to help you decide if you need more specialized evaluation. For If you are in crisis, please contact emergency services immediately.

Thanks for reading through the legal and ethical stuff. Welcome to our GetKidsInternetSafe community, and please enjoy all that www.GetKidsInternetSafe.com has to offer!