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First Edition, ©2019

These days, parenting standards seem impossible to live up to. Parents feel guilty, worrying that we aren’t doing enough or that we’re doing too much. Where’s the perfect balance? It seems we are expected to provide our kids with almost constant entertainment, enrichment, and protection while giving them opportunity to build independent resilience. They are too often afraid to fail, and we are too often afraid to fail them. Add in screens expertly designed to capture our attention, and family life becomes even more challenging. Dr. Bennett is a mom and licensed clinical psychologist who is a Screen Safety Expert. Through 26 years of practice, research, and teaching, she has found that a fun, cooperative parent-child relationship and sensible proactive home setup is key for child safety and healthy development. Designed to establish the “basics” for screen safety like parental authority and screen competence, the GKIS Home Starter Workbook will help you set up your cooperative family tech dialogue, establish important rules and parameters, onboard your digital toolbox for filtering and monitoring, and set up home working stations to optimize supervision, creativity, and balance in ten easy steps.

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