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“I attended your seminar at the Camarillo library last week and thought the material was excellent in content, research, and presentation. You have so many practical and non-alienating suggestions–such as let your child know ahead of time you will be checking the phone for activity.
I am a grandmother of five and both our daughters have taken your seminar and are implementing your suggestions. Thank you so much for helping us all be better parents and grandparents.”

Blessings on you and your work,

Suzanne S.

Media Appearances

Dr. Tracy Bennett frequently appears on radio, podcasts, and television as a Screen Safety, Mental Health, & Parenting Expert.

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I’m the founder of GetKidsInternetSafe, a mom, and a psychologist. In 25+ years treating kids and adults, I’ve seen our lives change dramatically, especially with COVID19. Zoom fatigue and digital exhaustion are hot topics. I offer education about the sources of digital injury and creative ways to apply psychological wellness tools to our screen-weary lives. I’d love to talk to you about what we can do to get our joy and passion back after recent divisive and frightening times.

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Dr. Tracy Bennett is a screen safety expert who teaches families how to strengthen relationships AND achieve screen sanity. She is founder and CEO of GetKidsInternetSafe (GKIS) and author of Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe and the GKIS Home Starter Workbook

In her work as a clinical psychologist for over 25 years, she sees the impacts of digital injury and how to prevent and treat it. After being distracted by the loss of her parents, she needed answers for her own kids; shame-free, actionable strategies that work. They weren’t out there, so she committed to the GKIS mission.

Her research and teaching as adjunct faculty at CSUCI complemented her feet-on-the-ground practical skill set. She knows what psychology research is discovering about families and screen time. She consults with experts in technology and education, was honored to serve on the expert panel for Facebook’s Messenger Kids, and has served as Global Ambassador of TeenSafe. Her blog article Five Easy Screen-Use Parenting Strategies from GetKidsInternetSafe is published on Facebook’s Security Center. 

Dr. Bennett has appeared several times as a parenting expert on Access Hollywood Live and various national radio and television news programs. Her media appearances, keynotes, blog articles, and online parenting programs make a powerful impact on families. Her expert Internet safety and parenting articles have been published by Healthy Living Magazine, Moms Magazine, Mamapedia, and The Good Men Project, among others. For more information, go to GetKidsInternetSafe.com

Ask Dr. Bennett

All of us are addicted to our screens. What are your tips for screen sanity?

How can we as a corporation help our employees become more productive?

What are your top three concerns about screen risk? Top three benefits?

Parents report that their kids come unglued when they try to manage their screens. Does that mean they’re addicted? What can parents do about that?

The FBI reports that on-screen child sexual abuse is at an all-time high, what are your best tips for safety and prevention of harm?

Do screens help kids learn or are they a distraction? Does screen-free parenting harm child learning potential?

The terms of agreement for social media platforms is 13 years old, yet 4 out of 5 tweens are on social media before the age of 12. When is the right age for social media?

Is sexting the new sexual norm? What impact will that have on this generation?

We are the loneliest population despite being highly connected online. What are the risks and benefits of virtual connection?

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