Tools to reconnect,
not disconnect.


Dr. Bennett is the screen safety expert who teaches families how to strengthen relationships AND achieve screen sanity. She is founder and CEO of GetKidsInternetSafe (GKIS) and author of Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe.

As a mom and psychologist, she’s seen the impacts of digital injury and how to treat and prevent it. After being distracted herself, she needed answers for her own kids; shame-free, actionable strategies that work. They weren’t out there, so she committed to the GKIS mission. For more information, go to DrTracyBennett.com.

Screen Time in the Mean Time provides tools to help your family reconnect, not disconnect. To do that, we have to face the fact that screens are too compelling. We are on them too much…and our kids are too. Whether you have a toddler, school age kids, or teens, you’ll learn actionable strategies that work.

If you’re looking for a screen-free parenting guide, this isn’t it. As a mom of teens and an educator, I believe our digital natives are picking up genius skills necessary to thrive in today’s world. In our house, we love each other, and we use our screens. Deprivation isn’t necessary … but balance is. 

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