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Our employees were crying out for help during pandemic work from home requirements, so we engaged Dr. Bennett for our Legal Department Lunch and Learn program at Juniper Networks. She was interactive and highly engaging. Our employees were extremely appreciative and rated Dr. Bennett’s presentation as outstanding! I highly recommend Dr. Bennett and GetKidsInternetSafe as a resource to enhance the wellness offerings to Corporations who take employee wellness and quality of life seriously.
Brad Minnis, CPP
Vice President, Safety & Security
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Dr. Tracy Bennett is a Screen Safety Expert and Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been in private practice for over 25 years treating kids, teens, adults, and families. She has also taught clinical psychology, addiction studies, parenting, and directed studies at California State University Channel Islands for over 17 years. 

Her programs are matched to her audience and designed for an interpersonal, interactive delivery to enhance the verbal and critical thinking skills of each participant. She finds that she learns from them just as they learn for her. 

**Participants are guaranteed to leave with a sensible, effective toolbox geared for mastery of strategies for screen safety and socioemotional wellness.

With rapidly-changing office and remote workspace environments, employees need more support than ever!


Screen Challenges in the Remote Workspace: Since the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, a majority of U.S. corporations have committed to the remote workspace. Although convenient, it can be challenging for employees to achieve a healthy balance between productivity, family time, and physical and mental health.

Objective for the Webinar: Dr. Bennett offers expert information about the sources of digital injury, what the science says about particular work habits, and powerful psychological wellness strategies that Dr. B has tested in her practice to optimize the work/home life balance. The perfect presentation for corporate wellness!

Dr. Bennett’s 25+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist and screen safety expert offers insightful and immediately-applicable strategies to help de-stress family life and help your employees practice burnout-fighting wellness tools!

Media Appearances

Dr. Tracy Bennett frequently appears on radio, podcasts, and television as a Screen Safety Expert. She is a psychologist, a mom, and a realist. She not only treats families in her practice, but she has three kids of her own. Her warm relatable style makes the information easy to understand and her sensible strategies are easy to implement for immediate results.

Ask Dr. Bennett

All of us are addicted to our screens. What are your tips for screen sanity?

How can we as a corporation help our employees become more productive?

What are your top three concerns about screen risk? Top three benefits?

Parents report that their kids come unglued when they try to manage their screens. Does that mean they’re addicted? What can parents do about that?

The FBI reports that on-screen child sexual abuse is at an all-time high, what are your best tips for safety and prevention of harm?

Do screens help kids learn or are they a distraction? Does screen-free parenting harm child learning potential?

The terms of agreement for social media platforms is 13 years old, yet 4 out of 5 tweens are on social media before the age of 12. Why do parents let that happen? Is it a big deal or is it a real safety concern for kids?

Is sexting the new sexual norm? What impact will that have on this generation?

We are the loneliest population despite being highly connected online. What are the risks and benefits of virtual connection?


To schedule a training or presentation or for expert quotes and information, social media inquiries, or other media requests, please email: DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com