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Due to screen technology, this generation of children are more marketed to than any other children in history. Why? 

Because there’s BIG money in child and teen products.

Did you know?

Teach your kids how to spot the strategies marketers and video game developers use to earn money from viewers.

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in 
Clinical Psychology and is a
world-recognized Screen Safety Expert. She’s treated thousands of families just like yours for over 26 years. 

She also has three kids of her own!

With 12 years of teaching the latest psychological research about
parenting and addiction at CSUCI,
her techniques are sensible, 
parent-tested, and science-based. 

Educate your family how to be savvy tech consumers for less than you pay a cup of coffee!

For families with kids, tweens, and teens

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Where do I get my GKIS Connected Family Agreement (since this is a “supplement”)?

Best question ever! Grab your FREE agreement at GetKidsInternetSafe.com. Enter your name and email in the orange box in the upper right corner and it (with your refrigerator checklist) will be delivered to your email over the next four weeks. Closer family connect AND screen safety today!

I love this! Are there other GKIS supplements available?

YES! Have you checked out our Cybersecurity & Red Flags supplement? Also only $7 it’s an awesome addition to your Connected Family quest. 🙂

Another option for family screen safety is our GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit. Also priced so reasonably it’s available to anybody, the toolkit is a comprehensive resource and how-to guide for building your customized digital toolkit at the device-level with cool features like:

  • Parental controls & remote admin
  • Screen time management
  • Filtering & blocking for safe browsing
  • Social media & text monitoring
  • Real-time location & device tracking
  • Speeding alerts
  • Pause
  • Rewards

Want more, more, more? Our GKIS Course Bundle offers all of our courses plus bonuses for a deeply discounted price. Check it out HERE.

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