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Created by Dr. Tracy Bennett,
Internationally Recognized Screen Safety Expert, Mom, Psychologist

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Did you know?

Most kids spend an average of 10 hours a day on their screens, & 56% of parents worry their kids are screen addicted.

The average age of first exposure to online pornography is 11 years old.

Apps in the toddler and preschool category account for 72% of the top paid apps, even though research demonstrates infant & toddler screen use may contribute to developmental delay.

Digital injury is increasingly common, including issues like:

  • Health problems due to less exercise, poor quality sleep, & repetitive use injuries.
  • Exposure to dangerous online content like violence & pornography.
  • Interpersonal exploitation by child predators & peers (like cyberbullying & sexting).
  • Distraction from healthy non-virtual activities & relationships.

Digital injury is preventable!

It’s not bad parenting
that results in digital injury.
Brilliantly designed products
capture our attention, 
and predators know how
to exploit them.

We are already doing an amazing job parenting our kids, but screen safety is a moving target. Most of us bury our heads in response to screen risk and hope for the best. We throw a rule in here and there but have trouble with child resistance and follow-through. In our over-tasked world, we simply don’t have the time or know-how to research what to do or how to attract child buy-in. 

The GKIS Connected Family Course offers best practices from years of deep research plus creative, real-world clinical secrets from Dr. Bennett’s practice with the most challenging kids. It makes great parents even better!

Family-tested and outcome based, the Connected Family Course helps you close screen risk gaps and improve family cooperation and closeness.

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is a world-recognized Screen Safety Expert. She’s treated thousands of families just like yours for over 28 years. 

She also has three kids of her own!

With 12 years of teaching the latest psychological research about parenting and addiction at CSUCI, her techniques are sensible, parent-tested, and science-based. 

The Surprising Reason Dr B created GetKidsInternetSafe

“Being ‘the fun mom’ came easy for me until 2012, when I tragically lost my dad, stepmom, mom, and sister in only two years. Overwhelmed and distracted, I let Minecraft babysit my little ones too often. They were happy, but I was afraid they’d fall victim to the debilitating digital injuries I was treating in my office. When I researched what to do, there was nothing out there that worked. For my kids and the families in my practice, I committed to research and prevention, not just treatment.”

“Childhood is all about discovery; and so is good parenting. GKIS helps families connect in the non virtual and virtual worlds without  nagging and withdrawing privileges. Adults too often forget how to play, but truly engaging with our kids remind us how it’s important to never stop playing on and off-screen. GKIS works for us and my clients, and now it can work for you too!”

Because Dr. Bennett is a mom AND works with families every day, she has tested the program.
Her “you don’t have to get mean” strategies lead to change with
optimal family buy-in and minimal drama

Plus, with the help of her interns, she stays up-to-date with tech and trends so you don’t have to!

Is the Connected Family Course right for you?

Are screen rules tough to enforce at your house?

Do you worry your kids are getting addicted to their screens?

Do you want to get closer as a family?

Look, we’re all terrified that our kids will be the victims of online predators, porn, or screen addiction. The risks are too scary to ignore. But too often, other parenting experts seem out of touch.They either go too harsh and suggest a screen-free lifestyle; or they seem too indulgent, suggesting that talking to our kids about risk is enough. Others say parents must supervise their kids 24/7 online. Seriously? Have you ever tried to do that? 

Dr. Bennett recognizes a screen-free life and 100% virtual monitoring isn’t realistic for most families; and kids can’t always make sound decisions when it comes to screen use, even when they “know better.” Threatening doesn’t get us anywhere either. It damages relationships, and angry kids won’t accept parent influence. Plus, we often rely on their smartphones for tracking and communication. Yanking screen privileges is often more punishing for us!

Like with other important but potentially high-risk life skills, Dr. Bennett knows best screen practices must be taught, supervised, and managed – gradually with sensible flexibility. The GKIS Connected Family Course offers parent-tested know-how that sets you up for success, proactive instead of reactive

With the proven GKIS Connected Family Course, you won’t even realize the nightmares you’ll be avoiding as you skillfully guide your kids to independent resilience, building a positive parent-child alliance along the way. 

Isn’t that what we really want ?

A peaceful, fun home with healthy screen time.
Connecting! Not disconnecting.

What You Get!

10 easy steps with short course videos and informative, colorful downloads.
Designed for easy implementation, you can take it one step at a time or all at once in only 2 hours. 

Yours to keep! That way you can work at your best pace and revisit the course as your child ages.
Useful for families with little ones, school age kids, and teens!

Create a safer, happier home
in 10 easy steps:

ORGANIZE: Struggling with follow-through? Our GKIS Home Starter Plan lays out check-the-box accountability to stage your home with best practices. Quick and easy implementation – lifetime payoff.

AGREE: Not all digital contracts are created equally. The GKIS Connected Family Agreement covers sensible screen rules plus important family values like love, respect, honesty, and commitment. Offered in two versions for kids 6-10 and teens & tweens, the agreement is built to adapt as your kids get older. More supervision and teaching with little kids. Increased conversation and negotiation with teens. 

TRANSFORM: Are you allowing too much too soon? Learn how to establish and maintain your kids’ cooperation with clever GKIS Screen-Free Zones for balanced screen practices that optimize brain, psychological, and spiritual health.

RESTORE: Dr. Bennett considers sleep deprivation the #1 risk to child/teen mental health. Only 15% of teens get enough rejuvenating sleep. Find out how to stop screen interference and avoid costly school performance and health consequences.

CONNECT: 1/3 of kids eat dinner in front of the TV, and 22% of teens have breakfast in their rooms. Learn Dr. B’s top 6 parenting hacks for promoting screen-free dinners to establish mindful eating habits and have critical (but fun) teaching conversations. Plus she threw in a bonus of her favorite quick yummy recipes for busy moms!

COOPERATE: Are you overlooking opportunities to support sibling friendships and increase screen supervision? Find out how to create co-work stations in forgotten corners with low-cost, creative setup ideas. Crafty indeed.

PRESERVE: Prevent debilitating repetitive use injuries that are skyrocketing among kids and teens. Find out what to look out for and learn important tips for preventing these potentially life-changing pain conditions. Learn our 8 must-know screen detox tips and THE GKIS SECRET for integrating nonvirtual play with fun on-screen resources. 

SECURE: Most parents aren’t doing the most critical step for securing screen time limits and accountability. Find out what that is and integrate Dr. Bennett’s 5 Powerful Life Hacks for success and optimized self-care.

EMPOWER: Are your kids obsessed with getting on screens and then you can’t get them off? Step 9 tells you how to regain control of screen time. It’s never to late to start the path toward independent resilience!

MANAGE: Already overwhelmed with the number of screen activities your kids enjoy? Dr. B’s launch techniques not only help you fix bad habits, they also set a structure that will keep you in control without the yelling and overwhelm. You’ll really love her favorite technique for getting child accountability!

Imagine falling asleep at night knowing you’ve done all
you can to block internet dangers and promote safe screen use – with fun conversation and sensible guidelines. Informed and confident, instead of overwhelmed, scared, and blown off.

Even better, imagine being your kids’ go-to person
if they run into trouble or need help working through a mistake or problem.

What parents are saying . . .

Whitney L.
Mom of 3 (ages 1, 4, and 5)

I walked away feeling empowered with tools. I love that she promotes a close, trusting relationship and gives us ideas about things we can do together instead of screen time. It’s clear she knows the research and has the clinical experience with families. So glad I took this course! Thank you!

Emily H.
Mom of 3 (ages 11, 8, and 5)

Dr. Bennett’s course didn’t take too long, yet it was very informative with clear guidelines that I could implement in my home right away - a technology plan that's reasonable, doable, and has already helped us have great discussions and spend more quality time together. I loved how the information is science-based and how she focuses on maintaining a good parent-child connection because that is really important to me.

Lauren B.
Mom of 2 (ages 6 and 3)

The course provided supporting research and really drove home why those steps are so important. Now I have the tools to drive positive change in my family’s screen time. The course puts all the research, ideas, and actions in one place which is crucial for any busy parent.

*Bonus Extras!*


For joining now, you also get a free pdf download of the


Available for the ESSENTIALS, PLUS, and DELUXE packages!

Valued at $19.99 on Amazon, this 68-page digital download can be printed for those who prefer old-school portable workbooks. 


Available for the PLUS and DELUXE packages only


  • DIRECT ACCESS to Dr. Bennett for social support and extra tips and tricks as you go.
  • BRAINSTORM novel solutions with other parents and share useful resources.
  • FEEL INSPIRED by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • GET ENERGIZED with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some great friendships!
  • YOU CHOOSE whether you need to be connected to a few friends for individual support or prefer to share openly on the forum, you’ll always have other VIP GKIS parents and Dr. B to rely on!


Available for the PLUS and DELUXE packages only


The perfect one-stop shopping package that offers all GKIS agreement supplements AND online courses!


Available for the DELUXE package only


Get Dr. Bennett all to yourself! 

Targeted strategies for your unique situation on a 45-minute videoconferencing coaching call.

Let's do this!

If you were to come to Dr. Bennett in private practice at $180/hour, it would cost $1800 to complete all 10 connected family strategies.

But as a career family and child advocate, Dr. B has made this powerful prevention toolbox available at a tiny fraction of the price it takes to get live expert consult.

Get started with the 
Connected Family Essentials for only $99!

Connected Family Plus
for only $199

Connected Family Deluxe
for only $299

All for a fraction of what you'd pay for
seeing Dr. Bennett in her office!

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Connected Family Essentials ($99)

Connected Family  Plus ($199) 

Connected Family  Deluxe ($299)

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better screen safety

If you’re not happy with the course within the first two weeks, return for a full money-back guarantee.

Give yourself the support you deserve!


How do I log in after I buy the GKIS Connected Family Course?

Click on “Log in” in the right-hand corner of the GetKidsInternetSafe website and enter your username and password. Voila! You have anytime access. If you have any trouble whatsoever, email DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com.

Why is the GKIS Connected Family Course so inexpensive?

Dr. B loves the families she works with and has been a child advocate her whole career. Rather than charge a lot for a few families, she went against expert advice and chose to charge a little for many. 

She’s spent her career treating digital injury. At 50 years old she made a personal commitment toward prevention. A ridiculously low price made sense to her to achieve that.

What is the refund policy?

If after two weeks you think the GKIS Connected Family Course isn’t for you…you can have a full refund, no questions asked. We are THAT confident you will feel more empowered and in love with your kids after working through our 10 steps.

Can’t I just figure it out on my own?

Not if you want results quickly. They say there are no original ideas anymore, but we have parents telling us all the time they’ve never heard of some of Dr. B’s strategies. She’s been building them and incorporating best strategies from her work and research over 26 years of parenting, teaching, and clinical practice. That’s direct feedback from thousands of families! She knows what works and what doesn’t; her livelihood depends on it. 10 quick steps to a closer relationship and better screen safety.

What if we are already out of control with screen-time? Are we too far gone?

It’s never too late for positive change, even with teens. GKIS Connected Family strategies can be sprinkled in a bit at a time to optimize buy-in and avoid push-back. GKIS is about rediscovering fun, not about restriction. Fun and maybe even more screen freedom is welcome anytime. Your kids will recognize that you are happier, they are happier, your family is happier. It’s never too late for that!

What child ages does this course apply to?

The GKIS Connected Family Course is for families who use screens. If your kids are young, great! You will stage your home and set good habits for smart screen use from the beginning. If your kids are older, you will adopt course principles in smaller chunks, one step back two steps forward. Every day of good judgment counts. It’s never too late to adopt healthier habits. (Except 17 years and older, then it’s too late).

Will I get access to Dr. Bennett?

If you ordered the DELUXE package with one-to-one coaching, yes! You can ask her specific questions that pertain to your family. She can offer creative ideas and resources that apply directly to you! 

If you ordered the BONUS package, still yes! With the private GKIS Connected Family FaceBook group offered in both packages, you’ll get exclusive access to her Facebook live videos and can post for feedback from other parents. She pops in often to offer funny stories and creative suggestions that she uses with her kids and with challenging kids in clinical practice. 

Also, keep an eye on her GetKidsInternetSafe.com SAVE-THE-DATE page and attend a presentation! Or, make an appointment for an office consultation. 

I’m so busy I’m worried about falling behind. How long will this take me, and how soon will I see results?

You can’t fall behind! Dr. B insisted that GKIS customers get lifetime access to all course materials at once. Rather than an annoying drip of material leaving you always wanting more, she gives you total access for complete control – kind of like a Disneyland fastpass. 

Plus, each step is quick! Videos range from 20 seconds to two minutes with no more than two downloads per step. You can use it a step at a time or in a 2-hour binge session. The Connected Family Course is designed to be flexible so you can revisit it when new developmental challenges pop up or when you slip and need a refresher. Lots of images and an accountability checklist for every step will help you move quickly with follow-thru. Less work, immediate results, bigger outcome.  

Should I get this course if I already bought the GKIS Home Starter Workbook on Amazon?

That’s up to you. The GKIS Home Starter Workbook has much of the information as the GKIS Connected Family online course. However, the course adds in bonus downloads, videos, and direct access to Dr. B and other GKIS VIPs on the private Facebook page. With the online course you also get a bonus copy of the digital version of the workbook.

I’ve been feeling terrible about letting this go for so long. Is the course going to make me feel worse?

According to the parents who’ve taken the course – absolutely no! 

Dr. B’s warm teaching style shows that, as the mother of teens, she knows it’s impossible to be the “perfect” parent. Nobody has it dialed in 100% the time. Great parenting is about discovery, just like childhood. Kids teach us while we teach them.

The GKIS Connected Parent Course doesn’t dwell on what’s already gone badly. Dr. B believes the “why” is less important than the “what now?” Even if your screen habits aren’t stellar to start, Dr. Bennett offers immediately applicable solutions. 

Seriously, within the first few steps you’ll already have action items that make you feel more competent and more confident. The course is designed to stop you from feeling bad, not the other way around. 

If you’ve made it this far down the page, it’s a sign you’re tired of nagging and being afraid that you haven’t done enough to prepare your kids for online dangers. You want a nap! or a day off! or just some evidence that you’re doing awesome in the parenting department. 

Don’t wait until after your child has run into real, damaging trouble. Prevent digital injury and let go of the parenting guilt. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. 

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