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So Many Screen Challenges! 
April 24th
Ojai Unified School District
Ojai, CA

So Many Screen Challenges! 
April 23rd
Stratton Elementary School
Newport, WA

So Many Screen Challenges! 
April 18th
Parents Delivering Purple, FedEx Employee Resource Group
Moon Township, PA

3-Presentation Package

Help Your Students Avoid Digital Injury
March 8th, April 12th, April 17th
Ventura County Office of Education
Camarillo, CA

So Many Screen Challenges! 
February 8th
Oak Grove School 
Oak Grove, CA

 3-Live Presentation Series

For Parents: So Many Screen Challenges! 
For Teachers: Screen Challenges for Students & Teachers
For Middle-Schoolers: Avoiding the Brain Traps of  Screen Time 
April 17th
The Peck School
Morristown, NJ

So Many Screen Challenges! 
March 15th
Amity Regional School District
Woodbridge, CT

2-Webinar Series
For Parents: So Many Screen Challenges! 
For Middle-Schoolers: Avoiding the Brain Traps of  Screen Time
February 16th & 17th
Stanbridge Academy
San Mateo, CA

5-Webinar Series
For 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, & 8th grade: Avoiding the Brain Traps of  Screen Time
For Parents: So Many Screen Challenges! 
January 25th
University Preparation Charter School
Camarillo, CA

So Many Screen Challenges!
January 19th
Solana Sante Fe PTO
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

So Many Screen Challenges! 
December 1st
Montessori Center School 
Goleta, CA

Optimizing Student Mental Health in the Mean Time 
November 8th
Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West
Toledo, OH

Staying Safe Online
April 4th
Congresswoman Torres’ Townhall Meeting
Ontario, CA

Optimizing Student Mental Health in the Mean Time 
January 21st
Solana Santa Fe PTO
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

4-Webinar Series
For 4th &. 5th grades: The Internet as a World of Discovery
For 6th grade: Connecting Safely and Creatively Online
For 7th & 8th grades: Making Your Digital Footprint Work FOR You
For parents: Ready for Screen Challenges? 
November 16th
Santa Monica Alternative School House
Santa Monica, CA

Help Your Child Learn to use the Internet in a Positive Way
November 9th
Pleasant Valley Parent University
Camarillo, CA

Internet Safety Overview
October 27th
Los Primeros School of Arts & Sciences
Camarillo, CA

For 7th grade: How to Avoid the Traps in Social Media 
September 24th
Harvard Westlake School
Los Angeles, CA

Protecting Kids From Online Screen Addictions. “Ready of Screen Sanity?”
June 9th
Juniper Networks Corporate Lunch & Learn

Sunnyvale, CA

3-Webinar Series
For 7th & 8th grades: The Screen-Safe Connected Family
For 9th – 12th grades: Making Your Digital Footprint Work FOR You
For Parents: Ready for Screen Sanity?
November 30th, 31st, & December 1st & 7th
Milken Community School
Bel Air, CA

How Screens Change the Way We Work and Live 
November 5th 
Anherst Holdings Austin, TX

Making Your Digital Footprint Work FOR You
October 9th 
National Charity League
Camarillo, CA

Digital Do’s & Don’ts
April 21st 
Monterey Hills Elementary
South Pasadena, CA

Supporting Safe Screen Use
March 11th 
Boys & Girls Club Staff Meeting
Camarillo, CA

Are we screen addicted?
March 11th 
Alert Communications Corporate Training Event
Camarillo, CA

Screen Media’s Impact on the Family
February 28th 
Tri-County Collaborative CEU Event
Casa Pacifica, Camarillo, CA

Learn to GetKidsInternetSafe
February 6th
Moorpark Unified School District

Moorpark, CA

Screens With Teens: Managing Risk & Optimizing Learning
December 11th 
University Preparatory School
Camarillo, CA

“On the Spectrum” Roundtable for Young Women
Autism Ventura County
November 16th
Autism Society Ventura County
Oxnard, CA

Parenting and Screen Safety: Bringing Back Family Fun
October 6th

Ventura Missionary School
Ventura, CA

Back to School Screen Safety Tips
August 19th
Atlas Elementary School
Ventura, CA

Digital Families Community Event
Hosted by National-PTA & Facebook
June 10th
Hazlewood Elementary

Newcastle, WA

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