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GKIS courses are created by Dr. Tracy Bennett, internationally recognized Screen Safety Expert, Psychologist, Mom with 25+ years of experience and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re like the thousands of families that I’ve helped in my private practice, then you’re at risk for internet safety issues. 

Get started being an awesome parent to your child online just as you are offline!


Everything you need to know about positive parenting and screen safety from A to Z

For families with screen-using kids of all ages

Screen Safety Checklist

More than a simple checklist, our Connected Family Agreement tells parents WHAT they need to do to optimize online safety and HOW to get started.

INFORMATION Learn about the risks of digital injury and how to prevent them.

EMPOWERMENT Negotiation opens the door so your digital native kids teach you too.

CLARIFICATION Rules and expectations must be spelled out to prevent conflict down-the-line.

SKILLS TRAINING Listening and negotiating skills are critical for healthy family relationships.

TOTALLY FREE We are confident that this valuable tool will payoff for years to come!

Whether your kids are already proficient online or just getting started, our Connected Family Agreement guides you through the critical items you need to nail down for cooperation and safety.

The perfect launch to a fun screen-safety dialogue!

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Each week the GKIS APP unlocks a parent coaching video with positive parenting and online safety tips and a family video to view during a weekly family meeting. 

SAFETY Prevent digital injury and costly mental health consequences.

FAMILY CONNECTION Boost digital expertise, confidence, and credibility.

COOPERATION Less push-back and increased child buy-in happens when Dr. B takes the lead.

EFFECTIVENESS Outcome-based strategies  have been tested in Dr. B’s practice, so you know they work.

SAVE TIME We’ve done the years of research for you. Plus we limit our videos to 3-7 minutes.

Designed to be fun and educational, our GKIS APP includes ALL GKIS parenting course content plus amazing bonuses including downloads and access to Dr. B’s best webinars!

Your comprehensive tool to achieve screen sanity & close risk gaps!


If you have screen-loving kids or teens, sound parenting strategies are not enough for online safety. You also need smart tech tools for filtering, monitoring, and management. The GKIS Screen Safety Toolkit includes

  • How-to guides and information
  • Apps and settings guidelines for safety
  • Over 100 hand-selected links to the best digital learning tools

Save time and give yourself the support you deserve!

*If you bought the GKIS App, this parenting course is already included.

Do your kids fight screen rules? Worried they’re addicted to their screens? Our Connected Family Course helps you close screen risk gaps and improve family communication in 10 easy steps. Also includes

  • Informative videos and colorful downloads
  • A copy of the GKIS Home Starter Workbook
  • Exclusive access to Dr. B & other parents on our private Facebook Page

Win the screen safety battle in 10 easy steps!

*If you bought the GKIS App, this parenting course is already included.


This deeply discounted bundle option offers tools for parents of kids and teens, plus a course for tweens & teens; tools to support you and your family at a comfortable pace includes

  • Connected Family Course
  • Social Media Readiness Course
  • Screen Safety Toolkit

Ready to finally achieve screen sanity and avoid costly digital injury?

*If you bought the GKIS App, all bundled courses already included except the Social Media Readiness Course for tweens and teens.

More About Dr. Bennett

Dr. Bennett is the Screen Safety Expert who teaches families how to strengthen relationships AND achieve screen sanity. She is CEO and Founder of GetKidsInternetSafe and Author of Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe. She is a Clinical Psychologist who has treated thousands of families with digital injuries in over twenty-five years of private practice. Dr. Bennett serves on Facebook’s Youth Advisory Committee and was the honored recipient of Global Ambassador for Teensafe.

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