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The Social Media Readiness Course

Once your child has access to the internet, they will have a variety of virtual neighborhoods at their fingertips. Social media is a fun way to socialize with friends, meet new friends, be creative, and explore a variety of topics. But social media also opens your child up to risks you’ve probably never thought of before. 

Our GKIS Social Media Readiness Training Course will teach your child how to recognize the red flags of risk that they will be exposed to online. Our goal is not to scare them, but rather to increase awareness so they are primed to independently problem-solve and build healthy habits and resilience. But education is only half of it! Not only will your child be in the know regarding online risk, but they will also learn family-tested psychological wellness tools that I’ve been using in my psychology practice for over 25 years. 

These wellness tools have been demonstrated to be effective in improving mood and empowering your child to make their best choices when faced with a challenge. Best of all, if your child has the information and skills they need to make good decisions, they’re more likely to come to you for coaching and support. Isn’t that what we want most of all? Having healthy, capable kids who feel safe in a trusted, loving, and secure family environment.


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Dr. Bennett's GKIS Story

Although I tend to be a private person, I’d like to share with you why I became passionate about preventing digital injury and founded GetKidsInternetSafe. In 2012 my dad died from a heart attack. I was crushed. He had always been my go-to person for everything in my life. Even at my age of 44 years old when he died, he was the first person I called when I was excited, ashamed, or overwhelmed. He was particularly brilliant at knowing how to reassure me and make me feel loved. His loss was profound for me.

To make matters worse, my mom was suffering from the late stages of dementia. We had always had a complicated relationship, partly due to her alcoholism and my desperate attempts to get her to stop. Like most families, I was left to watch her deteriorate without much influence on her personal decisions. As I worked through the complications of managing my dad’s estate, my mom was driving around town looking for children she thought she’d lost. I was terrified for her safety, and she was uncooperative. I had to go to court to finally get her the help she needed. It was tough.

Soon it was to become even more difficult. Within a year of my dad’s death, my stepmother was diagnosed with cancer. As she spoke to me about her devastating grief over the loss of my dad, she was struggling to stay alive herself. Six weeks after her diagnosis, I barely made it to her side as she passed away. My only sister and I became estranged through the process as well. Brutal.

So there I was, calling lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and doctors trying to settle my mom and dad’s very complicated estates while grieving the loss of both of my parents, my stepmother, and my sister. I’d essentially lost my whole family within a year while raising my own three kids.

One day while in the middle of it all, I was feeling crushed and overwhelmed. I looked up from my computer and reflected on what my dad would think about the job I was doing trying to take care of everybody. At that moment, I recall hearing my two little ones giggling in the backroom playing Minecraft. I was flooded with gratitude, love, and fear. Too overwhelmed to be my best self, I became frightened about how much I was relying on screens to distract the kids like the families I’d seen in my practice, families who sought me out to help them cope with digital injuries like disconnection, cyberbullying, online predators, and porn addiction. I realized at that moment, we could be next.

I got myself out of that chair that day, sunk into the couch behind the kids, and started to make a plan that would allow safer screen time and also help me bond even better with my family. I wanted to be their go-to person when they needed help the most as my dad has always been there for me.

That is how GetKidsInternetSafe was born. As I pulled together the know-how I’d earned from my many years of mothering, training, private practice, and teaching, I got increasingly passionate about preventing digital injury rather than just treating it. I published my book, Screen Time in the Mean Time, offered keynote speaking and media interviews, consulted, wrote weekly blogs with my interns, and ultimately developed a toolkit of courses to help families with kids of all ages. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think about your Social Media Readiness Training Course. Before you get started, I added a gallery of videos for you to check out if you’d like. Some of the videos are news reports and below that are some videos I made to answer specific parent questions. 

If you have any feedback or questions along the way, please email me at DrTracy@DrTracyBennett.com. And please, if you like what you’re learning, share the course link with friends and family. I’d also LOVE a testimonial so more families can learn about us. 🙂

Dr. B In the News!

For a quick view of HOT TOPICS, it may be helpful to you watch a few of these news clips. You can also browse Dr. Bennett’s YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/DRTRACYBENNETT for more!

Click the links below for Dr. B's Social Media Readiness Parenting Videos

Another gift for you, my MAKE YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT WORK FOR YOU Webinar!

Many of my clients are high school students prepping applications for college, internships, and career opportunities as well as younger kids who showcase their talents using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

If your child would benefit from personal branding on social media, consider watching this one-hour webinar together. Schools, churches, family organizations, and private organizations hire me to speak on this topic. But for you, it’s a bonus for becoming a GKIS Connected Family. 

Enjoy! Here’s your LINK TO THE WEBINAR.

Social Media Readiness Training Lessons


Parent Primer to Getting Started

             Why is this course necessary?
             Kids on the Internets
             Increasing Rates of Psychological Distress
             Growth Mindset & Grit

Teens: Why is it worth it to take this course?

             What is digital injury?
             Why not go screen-free?


Lesson 1 – Protecting Your Money and Information  

            Products for Sale Online
            Cybersecurity & Privacy

Lesson 2 – Protecting Your Reputation and Well-Being

            Digital Footprint & Online Reputation
            Online Predators & Hate Groups

Lesson 3 – Protecting Your Emotional Wellness

            Violence Video Games
            Distraction from Real-Life Relationships & Activities
            Distraction from Who You Really Are

Lesson 4 – Protecting Your Physical Wellness          

            Overuse, Repetitive Strain, Postural, & Screen Distraction Injuries
            Brain Rewiring & Multitasking
            Screen Addiction


Lesson 5 – Emotional Readiness Techniques

             A Growth Mindset & A Beginner’s Mind
             Identifying Emotional Triggers
             Setting Intention

Lesson 6 –Emotional Fitness & Mindfulness Techniques

             Body Scan
             Release Response
             Task Awareness

Lesson 7 – Emotional Reset Techniques

             Distract Yourself
             Anchoring: 4-3-2-1
             6-Second Belly Breathing
             Progressive Muscle Relaxation
             Imagery: Making Your Imagination Library
             Loving Kindness Meditation

Lesson 8 – Thinking Reset Techniques

             Hypothesis Testing
             Radical Acceptance
             Changing ­Stinking Thinking to Can-Do Thinking

Lesson 9 – Social Skills, Social Media, & Conflict Resolution

             Social Media
             The 4 Responses to Online Conflict
             Your Psychological Wellness Toolkit

Lesson 10 – The Love of Learning

            Fake News
            Study Skills
            Digital Toolbox for Coping
            Digital Toolbox for Learning

Let's Get Started!

Below is your course menu. First, you”ll learn how you can benefit from the course. From there, you can work their way through 10 lessons, each with a quiz that must be passed with a 70% or higher to move to the next lesson. You can take each quiz as many times as you need to. Once you’ve completed the course, print your graduation certificate for social media readiness.

Commonsense Disclaimer

My goals for GetKidsInternetSafe courses are to inspire cooperative family dialogue and sound strategies for screen management. General practical tips are offered for informational guidelines rather than clinical service. As a mother and licensed psychologist, I am profoundly aware that each child, parent, and family is different and good parenting comes in many forms. Not all course tips work with all kids and families. Please use your best judgment and parental instincts when applying them. For specific questions pertaining to your child’s physical or mental health, please consult your local pediatrician or licensed clinical psychologist. If you are in crisis, please contact emergency services immediately. GetKidsInternetSafe Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply. Thanks for reading through the legal and ethical stuff. Welcome to our GetKidsInternetSafe community, and please enjoy all that your GKIS Social Media Readiness Training Course has to offer!