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Sul Sul! What is The Sims?

The Sims is a lifelike simulation video game that has captured the imagination and hearts of adults and children since the game was first released in the early 2000’s. Since its first release in 2000, The Sims has expanded and produced three other successful base games. Prior to the release of The Sims 4, the Sims franchise had a revenue of 2.5 billion dollars. The Sims 3 sold over 4.8 million copies and was considered one of the bestselling PC games of 2009.[1]

How does The Sims work?

One of the many reasons the Sims franchise has such a huge fanbase is due to the unique gameplay and intricate characters and storylines a gamer can create. Due to amazing graphics in The Sims 4, players can customize and create their own characters to suit their personal preferences. Players can manipulate the Sims hair and clothing as well as cosmetic appearances such weight and butt and breast size.

The sky’s the limit when creating a Sim. There is the choice to create children, teens, young adults, adults, elderly and even dogs and cats! Many individuals love to create their own households in Sim form, while others prefer to recreate their favorite idols or celebrities. If creating a character sounds like too much hassle, the game already comes preloaded with playable households and back stories.

Career Paths

The customization for The Sims is not only applied to physical appearances, but personalities and career paths can be customized to create the ultimate Sim! For example, if you wish to become a criminal, having the mean trait and kleptomaniac trait will definitely come in handy when trying to move up in your chosen career path. Other interesting career choices are doctor, astronaut, freelance artist, scientist, and my favorite, a spy.

  • Architecture: This may sound strange, but some people have stated that their love for architecture stemmed from playing The Sims as kids. This is due to the amazing building you can create within The Sims franchise. In fact, there are YouTubers dedicated to just building and designing houses. Player have also stated an interest in interior design due to customizing their build in the game.
  • Game Changers: EA game changers are video gamers and twitch streamers who have gained a substantial following due to reviewing and playing the games. They gain first access to the game, provide live streams, and also give their honest reviews of the game. If they attract enough subscribers, they can earn real world cash.

Personality Traits

What is so appealing about this game is that you can have your Sim be and do almost whatever you want. Gamers are so fond of this game, because they can live out their dreams and be whoever they wish to be. For example, if an individual dreams of being rich, but they’re only a poor college student, creating a Sim with the bank account of Bill Gates allows them to live their dreams of being a billionaire vicariously through their Sim.

One of the most unique features of this franchise is the ability to interact with virtual characters and objects in the game. You can perform happy interactions like brightening someone’s day, getting to know them, or discussing certain interests. Or you can interact by being mean, funny, or flirty. In the flirty interaction, a Sim can confess their attraction, tell a dirty joke, and, after building up their romanc,e can even request to WooHoo(The Sims version of having sex).

Another game-changing feature is the autonomy that The Sims have. For example, if you sit back and watch the game for a few minutes or walk away from the computer, the Sim will start performing actions and interactions by themselves. If their food modlet is low, they will go make food; or if they feel the need to go swimming outside, then they will. A thing to remember with this game is to expect the unexpected, your Sim can die at any given moment whether it be from starvation, embarrassment, or too much woohooing.

Popular Challenges

For those who grow sick and tired of the same old gameplay, talented gamers have devised a few challenges to keep the game fresh and exciting.

100 Baby Challenge

This challenge has to be one of the funniest and most difficult challenges to date, and one I personally have not tried yet. The goal of the challenge is to have 100 babies and to raise them as a single parent. There are no cheats allowed, and the babies have to be birthed by a different father every time. Also, the mother may not have a job but other than selling paintings to earn cash.[2]

Breed Out the Weird

The point of this challenge is to create a Sim as grotesque as possible and find her a willing partner to make babies with in hopes of breeding out the weird child. The challenge is complete when the child is no longer “weird.”

Rags to Riches

The rags to riches challenge is exactly as it sound.s The point of this challenge is to go from absolutely nothing and end with over $50,000 Simoleons in game.

Killing The Sims

Killing the Sims isn’t as big of a challenge, but it is something most gamers seems to attempt at least once. One of the most popular ways this has been achieved is by either removing a ladder from a pool or locking the Sim in a small space without windows and lighting it on fire. On the other hand, some gamers can become overly attached to a Sim and can become extremely upset when the Sim dies.

The next time your young gamer is glued to their computer screen and playing a game that appears to be too bizarre for words, remember that they could be inspired to join a career path, experimenting with who they want to be, or building social skills.Thank you to CSUCI intern, Kassidy Simpson for providing parents with information they need to help parents understand the crave behind The Sims. If you learned something fun from this article, please “like” our GetKidsInternetSafe Facebook page so other parents can find us!

I’m the mom psychologist who will help you GetKidsInternetSafe.

Onward to More Awesome Parenting,

Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D.
Mom, Clinical Psychologist, CSUCI Adjunct Faculty

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