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10 easy steps with short course videos and informative, colorful downloads. Designed for easy implementation, you can take it one step at a time or all at once in only two hours. 

Yours to keep! That way you can work at your best pace and revisit the course as your child ages. Useful for families with little ones, school age kids, and teens!

Create a safer, happier home
in 10 easy steps:

ORGANIZE: Struggling with follow-through? Our GKIS Home Starter Plan lays out check-the-box accountability to stage your home with best practices. Quick and easy implementation – lifetime payoff.

AGREE: Not all digital contracts are created equally. The GKIS Connected Family Agreement covers sensible screen rules plus important family values like love, respect, honesty, and commitment. Offered in two versions for kids 6-10 and teens & tweens, the agreement is built to adapt as your kids get older. More supervision and teaching with little kids. Increased conversation and negotiation with teens. 

TRANSFORM: Are you allowing too much too soon? Learn how to establish and maintain your kids’ cooperation with clever GKIS Screen-Free Zones for balanced screen practices that optimize brain, psychological, and spiritual health.

RESTORE: Dr. Bennett considers sleep deprivation the #1 risk to child/teen mental health. Only 15% of teens get enough rejuvenating sleep. Find out how to stop screen interference and avoid costly school performance and health consequences.

CONNECT: 1/3 of kids eat dinner in front of the TV, and 22% of teens have breakfast in their rooms. Learn Dr. B’s top 6 parenting hacks for promoting screen-free dinners to establish mindful eating habits and have critical (but fun) teaching conversations. Plus she threw in a bonus of her favorite quick yummy recipes for busy moms!

COOPERATE: Are you overlooking opportunities to support sibling friendships and increase screen supervision? Find out how to create co-work stations in forgotten corners with low-cost, creative setup ideas. Crafty indeed.

PRESERVE: Prevent debilitating repetitive use injuries that are skyrocketing among kids and teens. Find out what to look out for and learn important tips for preventing these potentially life-changing pain conditions. Learn our 8 must-know screen detox tips and THE GKIS SECRET for integrating nonvirtual play with fun on-screen resources. 

SECURE: Most parents aren’t doing the most critical step for securing screen time limits and accountability. Find out what that is and integrate Dr. Bennett’s 5 Powerful Life Hacks for success and optimized self-care.

EMPOWER: Are your kids obsessed with getting on screens and then you can’t get them off? Step 9 tells you how to regain control of screen time. It’s never to late to start the path toward independent resilience!

MANAGE: Already overwhelmed with the number of screen activities your kids enjoy? Dr. B’s launch techniques not only help you fix bad habits, they also set a structure that will keep you in control without the yelling and overwhelm. You’ll really love her favorite technique for getting child accountability!

Imagine falling asleep at night knowing you’ve done all
you can to block internet dangers and promote safe screen use – with fun conversation and sensible guidelines. Informed and confident, instead of overwhelmed, scared, and blown off.

Even better, imagine being your kids’ go-to person
if they run into trouble or need help working through a mistake or problem.

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Available for the PLUS and DELUXE packages only


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