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This self-paced 10-step course offers the parenting strategies and tech tool recommendations you need  to improve screen safety in your home

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Created by Dr. Tracy Bennett,
internationally recognized Screen Safety Expert, Mom, Psychologist

For parents of toddlers to teens

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Is the GKIS Home Starter Course right for you?

Are screen rules tough to enforce at your house?

Do you worry your kids are getting addicted to their screens?

Do you want to get closer as a family?

Then this course is for you!

Look, we’re all terrified that our kids will be the victims of online predators, porn, or screen addiction. The risks are too scary to ignore. But too often, other parenting experts seem out of touch.

They either go too harsh and suggest a screen-free lifestyle; or they seem too indulgent, suggesting that talking to our kids about risk is enough. Others say parents must supervise their kids 24/7 online. Seriously? Have you ever tried to do that? 

Dr. Bennett recognizes a screen-free life and 100% virtual monitoring isn’t realistic for most families; and kids can’t always make sound decisions when it comes to screen use, even when they “know better.” Threatening doesn’t get us anywhere either. It damages relationships, and angry kids won’t accept parent influence. Plus, we often rely on their smartphones for tracking and communication. Yanking screen privileges is often more punishing for us!

Like with other important but potentially high-risk life skills, Dr. Bennett knows best screen practices must be taught, supervised, and managed – gradually with sensible flexibility. The GKIS Home Starter Course offers parent-tested know-how that sets you up for success, proactive instead of reactive

With the proven GKIS Home Starter Course, you won’t even realize the nightmares you’ll be avoiding as you skillfully guide your kids to independent resilience, building a positive parent-child alliance along the way. 

Isn’t that what we really want? A peaceful, fun home with the conveniences of modern life. Working together instead of disconnected.

Dr. Bennett has a PhD in 
Clinical Psychology and is a
world-recognized Screen Safety Expert. She’s treated thousands of families just like yours for over 26 years. 

She also has three kids of her own!

With 12 years of teaching the latest psychological research about
parenting and addiction at CSUCI,
her techniques are sensible, 
parent-tested, and science-based. 

She founded GetKidsInternetSafe with the program she developed for her family.
Because Dr. Bennett works with families every day, she knows the strategies
lead to change with optimal family buy-in and minimal drama

Plus, with the help of her interns, she stays up-to-date with tech and trends
so you don’t have to!

Did you know?

Most kids spend an average of 10 hours a day on their screens & 56% of parents worry their kids are screen addicted. ​

The average age of first exposure to online pornography is 11 years old.

Apps in the toddler and preschool category account for 72% of the top paid apps.

Digital injury is increasingly common, including issues like:

Health problems due to less exercise, poor quality sleep, & repetitive use injuries.

Exposure to dangerous online content like violence & pornography.

Interpersonal exploitation by child predators & peers (like cyberbullying & sexting).

Distraction from healthy non-virtual activities & relationships.

Digital Injury is preventable!

It’s not bad parenting
that results in digital injury.
Brilliantly designed products
capture our attention, 
and predators know how
to exploit them.

Maybe you’re thinking that with some research, you can gather the techniques for home safety setup, create sensible rules, and earn the cooperation of your family to follow thru. After all, you have free GKIS blog articles for help, right? 

Right! You could put a program together on your own. But most parents tell us that they simply don’t have the time or commitment it takes to follow through. Plus, a lot of the parenting advice out there is just plain bad. 

Rather then struggle, take the GKIS Home Starter Course in ten quick and easy steps. We let you in on the secrets for screen-safe setup and preventing dangerous screen use habits. Avoid making rookie mistakes with our proven strategies, tested over many years with families just like yours.

Strategies you can share with friends and family!

What You'll Get to Start Today

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to all ten steps with quick course videos and informative, colorful downloads. Designed for easy implementation; you can take it one step at a time or all at once in two hours. 

Yours to keep! That way you can work at your best pace and revisit the course as your child ages. Useful for families with little ones, school age kids, and teens!

In 10 easy steps, you'll learn to:

Learn about Dr. B’s very personal reason for creating GetKidsInternetSafe, and commit to fueling a fun parent-child alliance and form an effective, comprehensive GKIS Home Starter Plan. Finally follow-thru!

Implement your GKIS Living Agreement, a comprehensive digital contract that covers sensible screen rules plus important family values like love, respect, honesty, and commitment. “Living” because it adapts as your kids get older. More supervision and teaching with little kids. Increased conversation and negotiation with teens.

Set your GKIS Screen-Free Zones for balanced brain, psychological, and spiritual health.

Protect rejuvenating sleep with smart screen use ideas and staging the bedroom to promote healthy sleep habits. Critical skills for healthy brain development and academic achievement.

Promote screen-free dinners to establish mindful eating habits and strengthen the parent-child alliance with fun conversation hacks.

Create co-work stations for sibling cooperation and optimum supervision. With body-healthy ergonomics, you’ll prevent painful and costly repetitive use injuries.,

Build GKIS creativity kits and maker spaces to make digital literacy fun and promote the integration of 3-dimensional learning and online play. Beautiful addition to your home too!

Secure time limits and accountability with GKIS Docking Stations and integrate Dr. Bennett’s 5 Powerful Life Hacks for success and optimized self-care (a great precursor for the GKIS Healthy Coping Skills Course – coming soon).

Establish GKIS Blackout Times like #NoTechTuesday to create an enriching balance of non-virtual and virtual play. Start young and discover that teens will better manage themselves!

Finally the GKIS Sensible Guide of Digital Safety Products provides the information, links, and discount codes you need to build your GKIS Digital Toolbox. With this guide, you can dial in the best child-safe browsers, filtering, tracking and monitoring tech tools on the market.

Imagine falling asleep at night knowing you’ve done all
you can to block internet dangers and promote safe screen use – with fun conversation and sensible guidelines. Informed and confident, instead of overwhelmed, scared, and blown off.

Even better, imagine being your kids’ go-to person
if they run into trouble or need help working through a mistake or problem.

What parents are saying about the GKIS Home Starter Course

Whitney L.
Mom of 3 (ages 1, 4, and 5)

I’d been feeling guilty and knew I had to get screen time under control, but I wasn’t sure if the Home Starter course applied to my little kids. But it did! Her info helped me shape rules and introduce them to my family and guess what?! They are working!I feel like Dr B’s course set us up for success. I loved how easy it was to complete, quick and user-friendly. It educated me about dangers, but didn’t dwell on them or use scare tactics. I walked away feeling empowered with tools. I love that she promotes a close, trusting relationship and gives us ideas about things we can do together instead of screen time. It’s clear she knows the research and has the clinical experience with families. So glad I took this course! Thank you!

I like how the GKIS Home Starter Course is research-based and gives clear suggestions of things I can do now. The information is clear and concise, and I feel like I have steps that I can put into action in my home now.

Nicole L, mother of 4

Emily H.
Mom of 3 (ages 11, 8, and 5)

I was very concerned about cell phones and what my new middle schooler would be exposed to. I don’t have time to read parenting books, I’m too busy! We do have Net Nanny, but we didn't have family rules for their screen use. Dr. Bennett’s course was exactly what I was hoping for. It didn’t take too long, yet it was very informative with clear guidelines that I could implement in my home right away - a technology plan that's reasonable, doable, and has already helped us have great discussions and spend more quality time together. I loved how the information is science-based and how she focuses on maintaining a good parent-child connection because that is really important to me. I really think this course is essential for anyone with kids.

Some of the steps in the GKIS Home Starter Course are things we already do, like family meals and screen-free dinners. But the course provided supporting research and really drove home why those steps are so important. There are other steps I hadn't even thought of, like starting now with no private screen time or setting up maker stations. I really liked the GKIS Screen Guidelines offered in Step 9. I also loved all the tracking tool information in Step 10. Before I took the course, I wasn’t sure where to even start on that!

Lauren B, mother of 3



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  • Feel inspired by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • Get energized with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some great friendships!
  • Who’s to say this won’t turn into a screen-free spa day for mamas? Or a well-deserved bro-date with other diligent dads!
  • Whether you need to be connected to a few friends for individual support or prefer to share openly on the forum, you’ll always have other VIP GKIS parents and Dr. B to rely on!


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If you were to come to Dr. Bennett in private practice at $150/hour, it would cost $1500 to complete all 10 home starter strategies.

For being an early-adopter today, you can get the
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All for less than half of what you'd pay for

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Give yourself the support you deserve!


How do I log in after I buy the GKIS Home Starter Course?

Go to the GetKidsInternetSafe website > Courses > Login and enter your username and password. Voila! You have anytime access. If you have any trouble whatsoever, email, and she’ll forward your email to a tech genius capable of solving your problem. 🙂 How awesome is that?

Why is the GKIS Home Starter Course so inexpensive?

Dr. Bennett has been a child advocate her whole career. After successfully treating digital injury in her office for thousands of families, she made a commitment to prevent digital injury by reaching as many families as possible at a price cheaper than most video games. Plus, she wanted to keep each course quick and easy so busy parents can graduate. She’s a parent! Between homework, sports, and binging on Netflix we only have so much time for parent education. Right?

What is the refund policy?

if after two weeks you think the GKIS Home Starter Course isn’t for you…you can have a full refund, no questions asked. We are THAT confident you will feel more empowered and in love with your kids after working through our 10 steps.

What child ages does this course apply to?

The GKIS Home Starter Course is written for families who use screens. If your kids are young, great! You will stage your home for smart screen use from the beginning. Easy peasy. If your kids are older, you will adopt course principles in smaller chunks, one step back two steps forward. It’s never two late to reshape for healthier habits. (Except 17 years and older, then it’s too late).

I don’t have the time to figure out tech or catch weekly emails. Can I take this course offline?

Because parents are over-scheduled tech immigrants, we built this course to be crazy easy. Immediately upon purchase, log in from anytime at your convenience. From there access the whole course at once from a simple introduction page. No annoying weekly delivery trying to control your pace. You’re in charge of your learning from the second you buy. Plus, each step is quick. Videos range from 20 seconds to two minutes with no more than two downloads per step. We kept it simple on purpose. Lots of images and an accountability checklist for every step will help you move quickly with follow-thru. Less work, bigger outcome. 

If you’d rather learn live from Dr. Bennett, keep an eye on her SAVE-THE-DATE page and crash a presentation! You can also set up a personal consult in her office. She’s not offering online coaching yet, but keep an eye on your emails. We suspect that’s coming soon. The GKIS Home Starter Workbook is also an option.

Should I get this course if I already bought the GKIS Home Starter Workbook on Amazon?

That’s up to you. The GKIS Home Starter Workbook has the same information as the online course. The online course adds in videos and private GKIS Home Starter Course Facebook access (for bonus parent support and direct interaction with Dr. Bennett). Many online course students like to have a bound hard copy of the workbook along with the course. But remember, online course members get a bonus copy of the digital version of the workbook so they have to option to print it up on your own. 

Should I buy Dr. Bennett’s book, Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe, to read alongside the GKIS Home Starter Course?

The “big” Screen Time in the Mean Time book was written as a comprehensive resource with TONS of information. Some parents want to consume information in one source. Others prefer a step-by-step blueprint like the GKIS Home Starter Course. It depends how you like to consume information. If you’re an all-in parent like Dr. Bennett, you’ll want it all. The easiest method is to start with the online course. If you love it, get the book!

I’ve been feeling terrible about letting this go for so long. Is the course going to make me feel worse?

Absolutely no! It’s impossible to be the “perfect” parent all of the time. Sometimes we are on; sometimes we are off. Every child and every situation is a different “fit” for our strengths and weaknesses. The Home Starter Course doesn’t dwell on what’s gone badly so far. The “why” is far less important than the “what now?” Even if your screen habits aren’t stellar to start, Dr. Bennett offers immediately applicable solutions that you can implement immediately. Seriously, within the first few steps you’ll already have action items that make you feel more competent and more confident. If you’ve ever worked with Dr. Bennett or seen her speak, you know her strength is helping parents feel understood and supported. She enjoys telling stories and encouraging parents to work as a supportive team. Her students love it too! Read her Rate my professor ratings online if you don’t believe me. 

Let’s get started being awesome together!

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