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Screens at school

Should We Gamify Education?

It’s a constant battle keeping students engaged in education in our screen-soaked world. Kids love learning, but they seem less and less in love with

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Technology risks for children

My BFF is My Smartphone

In a generation that places social media “likes” at a higher importance than registering to vote, it’s no surprise that screen technology has become critical

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Dr. Bennett is CEO and Founder of GetKidsInternetSafe and author of Screen Time in the Mean Time: A Parenting Guide to Get Kids and Teens Internet Safe.

She is a clinical psychologist who has treated thousands of families with screen issues in over twenty years of clinical practice.
Her clinical and personal background is uniquely complimented as adjunct faculty at California State University Channel Islands. She teaches addiction studies, parenting, clinical psychology, and directed studies with an emphasis on screen issues. 

Screens are everywhere, all of the time. They make life easier in so many ways. But for parents, managing screen use is a huge challenge.

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