Have screen rules failed at your house?

Do you worry your kids are getting addicted to tech?

Do you long to feel closer as a family?

I’m the mom psychologist who’s here to help you build digital literacy.

More connection, less conflict.

Whether you have toddlers, school age kids, or teens, with the

GKIS Home Starter Kit

you’ll establish healthy and safe screen-use habits while creating the parent-child relationship you dream of! 

 I’m passionate about the prevention of digital injury, because I see the results of poorly managed screen use everyday in my office with families just like yours. 

Did you know?

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Parents spend an average of more than     9 hrs/day on screens, kids spend more than 10.5 hrs/day

2017 parent health concerns for children:  #1 bullying/cyberbullying, #2 not enough exercise, #3 unhealthy eating, #4 drug abuse, #5 Internet safety

40% of infants as young as 3 months old are watching TV, 90% by 24 months old

The average age of first exposure to online pornography is 11 years old

Apps in the toddler and preschool category account for 72% of the top paid apps

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56% of parents worry their kids are screen addicted

Maybe you’re already too aware of the risks, but when you try to make change you get overwhelmed. You can’t understand the tech, your kids push back, and you’re too busy to make big change stick anyway.

I’m a mother of three. I used to be ashamed knowing that I wasn’t really on top of my kids’ tech use too. I was juggling the loss of my parents, teaching at the university, and watching out for the families in my practice. Yet I just couldn’t make it happen.

Then I founded GetKidsInternetSafe, or I should say it found me. When I researched everything out there, and I do mean EVERYTHING, I realized that the programs offered were unrealistic (screen free) or too simple (just say no).

We all know that isn’t enough.

To make screen safety happen for my family and my clients, I spent 5 years researching on top of 23 years of clinical know-how working with families to develop a plan that works.

No more blame, no more shame.

With the GKIS Creative Home Starter Kit, you’ll get the 10 steps you need to cooperatively negotiate and establish sensible rules plus filters and monitors that will drastically increase safety.

No more nagging, yelling, and giving up in defeat. 

Instead you’ll have a structure for establishing good habits and child resilience. Instead of screens pulling kids away, these negotiations bring you together! Plus I offer targetted links for tons of information to tweak as you go. 

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In only 10 easy steps, you’ll learn to:

  • Make a comprehensive family screen use plan so great you’ll feel good making it happen and keeping it going.
  • Implement the GKIS Living Agreement, starting with exploratory dialogue and breaking the scary tech veil with an inventory of current and future screen activities.
  • Set sensible location parameters for screen use.
  • Promote rejuvenating sleep with smart screen use ideas and yummy bedroom staging.
  • Set up smart home work stations for sibling cooperation and optimum supervision.
  • Build GKIS creativity kits, makerspaces, and body healthy ergonomics to make digital literacy fun and promote the integration of 3-dimensional and cooperative play.
  • Secure time limits and accountability with GKIS Community Docking Stations.
  • Build a warm, cooperative parent-child alliance with fair, empowering negotiations. Child resilience is the goal, not blind obedience.
  • Set up #BlackoutTimes like #NoTechTuesday.
  • Learn fun conversation hacks and create enriching non-screen learning opportunities, even for hard-to-manage teens.

Imagine falling asleep at night knowing that you’ve done all you can to block Internet dangers and promote safe screen use with justifiable guidelines, consistent habit-building, and cooperative negotiations.

Even better, imagine being you kids’ go-to person when they do run into trouble or need help working through a mistake or problem.

I know, sounds too good to be true. There will be slips for sure, but with your confidence and follow-thru, it can actually happen.

The GKIS Home Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started today

With your order, you’ll receive:

  • 10 quick-watch videos
  • supplementary workbook materials to build a closer relationship with your kids and stage your home for screen safety.
  • The materials will be delivered directly to your email and yours to keep. That way you can work at your best pace and revisit the course as you child ages.

AND, because kids are genius at pushback and significant others are sometimes slower to get on the bandwagon, for this session only I’ve decided to offer an AMAZING BONUS for extra support. 

I’m offering a private Facebook group for members of this challenge only.


Interact real-time with other parents tackling the GKIS Starter Kit challenge.

  • Get direct access to me for support and extra tips and tricks as you go.
  • Brainstorm novel solutions with other parents and share useful resources.
  • Feel inspired by the progress of others, even when your brilliant little manipulators push back.
  • Get energized with the reassurance of other parents just like you. You may even spark some great friendships!
  • Who’s to say this won’t turn into a screen-free spa day for mamas? Or a well-deserved bro-date with other diligent dads!
  • It will be what you need it to be, either a quiet, steady support you know is there when you need it or a raucous group of parents helping each other make real change for their kids and families.  🙂

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If you were to come to me in my private practice office at $150 an hour, it would cost you $1500 to complete these lofty starter kit goals.

But I created the GKIS Starter Kit for only $47 (less than a video game) knowing it would have BIG impact for lots of kids and families.

Rather than treating digital injury after the damage has happened, I much prefer helping kids prevent getting hurt in the first place. I’m so glad you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to go.Thank you for being the parent who goes the extra mile to GetKidsInternetSafe. I’m certain you will be so relieved you did it. The benefits of this program will pay off for a lifetime.


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Wondering what risks the GKIS Home Starter Kit help to prevent?

Throughout childhood, windows of learning opportunity open that enrich overall brain development. Brain growth is a constantly, well-synchronized remodeling project. Different brain modules ripe for development simultaneously spark to ultimately form specialized information highways, with unused neurons pruning away and specialized neurons maturing.

Scientific research shows that healthy brain development is optimized with exposure to well-matched, safe, balanced learning content in both the virtual and non virtual worlds.

With the GKIS Creative Home Starter Kit your kids can still enjoy the benefits of screen time with your guidance for healthy habits and a balanced media diet.

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Bonus 2-pak

While you’re waiting to get your free GKIS Online Connected Family Screen Agreement, I’d like to offer you my $7 Bonus Agreement 2-pak. Our bonus 2-pak includes the GKIS Cybersecurity Agreement and our GKIS Online Red Flags for Kids, Teens, and Parents. These add-on tools for the Screen Agreement covers the scarier aspects of online risk