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"My husband and I usually consider ourselvs to be competent and confident parents, but it became clear to us that we were clueless how to manage our tween and teen daughters' out of control screen usage. We found Dr. Bennett's Quickstart kit just in time. Her program is teaching us how to implement sensible strategies for healthy screen and Internet use while preserving the foundations of good relationship with our children. Thank you, Dr. Bennett!"

Julie M.

Mother of 3 daughters

"I connected most with the fact that while we currently implement many of your recommendations in our family (thanks to the GKIS blog posts!), my husband and I are not as disciplined as the kids are - to the point that they will call us out on our transgressions! It's the kids teaching the parents! Now that our kids are 11 and 13, my husband and I really need to tow the line and practice what we've taught the kids, to continue to review and reinforce the importance of healthy internet practices. Once or twice isn't enough. I really like the idea of the kids' work stations, too. You got me thinking!  I'm going to look into converting a space in our large upstairs hallway to homework/computer stations. Get the opportunity out of their bedrooms. Brilliant! Thanks!

Sonya M

Mother of a son and daughter

“Just let me finish this show Mom.  It’s only 8 more minutes.”  In 10 minutes I go back and cue tantrum. In a split second my house is filled with screams, mostly hers and then mine. Devices are confiscated, threats are made and privileges taken away. Here’s the scary part; this was happening almost every day. I felt like the absolute worst parent in the world. How do I get out of this? The GKIS Quickstart Kit helped me set up healthy perimeters, gave me useful information on where to set up Internet Safe zones in my home and reasonable time limits…for everyone. I no longer dread giving them time on their devices. Peace has returned to our home.

Tiana K

Mother of three daughters and one son

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside the GetKidsInternetSafe Home Quickstart Kit

  • How to make Internet safety a sensible lifestyle strategy rather than trying all-or-nothing interventions that don't work
  • How to set screen smart rules and parameters and stage your home to optimize supervision and safety
  • How to create healthy screen habits
  • How to track and monitor screen media activities from the beginning, before they get out of hand
  • How to identify and intervene with risky screen media behaviors like vamping, sexting, and pre-addiction flow
  • How to enlist cooperation from your kids and teach valuable skills with honesty rather than destroying connection with intrusive spying, threatening, and ambushing

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