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GetKidsInternetSafe From Sensory Overload

Parents don't always realize that sensory overload isn't a regular tantrum.   GetKidsInternetSafe can help!   […] Read More

5 Myths About Internet Safety

      When I think back about my childhood I grimace about the seven shades of peril I was often in. As latch key kids roaming the neighborhood in hoards, we were mostly in danger of falling out of trees and talking to strangers. Yes abduction was a concern, but neighbors were ever watchful […] Read More

The dark net is a hidden, encrypted overlay Internet network with over 50,000 websites that can only be accessed by the Tor Hidden Services browser. It’s the online underground. To get on the dark net, anybody with Internet can download the free Tor browser. From the Tor browser, your search request gets bounced around via […] Read More

  Adolescents live busy lives. Along with big changes to their bodies and brains, this generation is more overtasked than ever before with academics becoming increasingly important for launch. Teens must increasingly transition from middle school to high school, class to class, activity to activity, screen to screen. In my practice, I have seen overtasking […] Read More

The developmental phase of 12-18 years old marks the progression from forming attachment to family to a new focus on peer relationships, experimentation, personal autonomy, and self-exploration and expression. Traditionally adolescence has been viewed as a turbulent time. However, now it is widely recognized that most teens weather this developmental phase without significant problems. The […] Read More

  Child data is particularly valuable to cybercriminals, because child credit histories are clean and fraudulently activity is unlikely to be discovered until the child is old enough to seek a loan for a car or college. This means your child’s private information could be accumulating criminal activity for years before it is discovered. Once […] Read More

Body Shame and the Average American Male

  In media we often see images that insinuate how men should look and what products we need to buy in order to get the job, the fortune, or the girl. Every man wants to be a stallion. When other men threaten our image, we want to improve. How is the 2016 man affected by […] Read More

  While she’s playing with Hello Barbie, not only is your child’s voice recorded and stored in the cloud somewhere, but her content is being analyzed for response. Kids babble about the weirdest and sometimes most embarrassing things. Do you really want strangers having access to hours of unfiltered babble from your child? Furthermore, what […] Read More

  I’m snuggled into bed at our family’s mountain cabin waiting for snow with anxious anticipation of the holidays. I smile as I reminisce about each child’s favorite toys over the years. The Christmas Eve when my husband and I were up ‘til 3 am constructing an insanely complex train table, the battery-operated Jeeps that […] Read More

  My eleven year old daughter is a perfect example of these statistics. She communicates with her friends mainly via Instagram. Even though her dad and I are one of her “followers” and we feel like we are in the loop about her online activity, research shows that: 12% of teens admit that their parents […] Read More

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