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My brother has been living in Singapore, Malaysia, for his freelance job. He recently told me he feels like he is constantly on his screen for work and communication and thinks maybe his virtual life may be overtaking his nonvirtual life. He also noticed that when he recently babysat for a coworker, he was frustrated […] Read More

Is Your Child a Screen Addict?

My niece is five years old and lives in a tiny village in Switzerland. You would think that in a cute Alpine village the world is still safe, that kids are playing outside until it gets dark, craft themselves little walkie-talkies from strings and cans, and don’t have any interest in online media. But you […] Read More

Dr. Bennett recently told me a story about her friend Abby’s first experience using the dating app Tinder. Her first date sounded perfect for a middle-aged woman new to the dating scene. Like her friends told her, she met her “match” for a quick drink. She knew better than to get into his car or […] Read More

Is Your Tween Hooking Up?

The first time I experienced the hookup culture was my first week of college. I was living in the dorms and everybody felt liberated, taking advantage of having no parents around, partying, drinking, smoking, and having sex. I remember watching freshman in their evening outfits make their walks of shame back to the dorms early […] Read More

Clinical distress is scary, embarrassing, humiliating, and isolating. Clients often tell me that I’m the ONLY person they are talking to about their real feelings. Young and old alike say that making others happy is often more important than seeking support for themselves, that they’d rather lay low to avoid drama. Unfortunately, suffering in silence […] Read More

Are you so attached to your screen that you simply can’t ignore a notification while driving? Well as hard as it is for us, imagine how impossible it is for your teen! One of my favorite things about being Global Ambassador for TeenSafe is spreading the word about how parents can be more effective in […] Read More

  Since the 2010 launching of the mobile app, Instagram, users share pictures and videos with their peers like never before. While this social media app provides a fun and convenient way to show off family photos and adorable pets, it can also be a source of worry for parents. Do you worry about who […] Read More

Is Your Child a “Professional Gamer”?

“These games are a waste of time!” Does this rant sound familiar after watching your kids play video games for hours…and hours…and hours? It’s not just your kids that are hooked. The gaming industry is booming! In 2016, the global revenue for the gaming market reached ninety-one billion dollars (Takahashi, 2016). Feeding that revenue are […] Read More

A selfie is a self-portrait typically taken with a smartphone with the intent of sharing through text message or social media post for the purposes of attention seeking, communication, documenting one’s day, and entertainment (Sung, 2016). While the term selfie was first seen in 2002, it didn’t become popular until 2012. By 2013 The Oxford […] Read More

  Families can no longer avoid screen media exposure in today’s technology driven society. Research demonstrates that exposure to different types of screen media, including television, computers, smartphones, and tablets, can have positive as well as negative effects on children depending on the age of the child, the quality of content, and the amount of […] Read More

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